Digital Anime Drawing tutorial to make your art better!

Digital Anime Drawing tutorial to make your art better!

Digital Anime Drawing tutorial to make your art better!

If you are a fan of digital anime drawing with a passion for drawing, then you are in the right place!

Whoever loves the anime character also wants to draw them. However, if you are a beginner, then you have a perfect source of digital anime drawing tutorials. In this article, we will take you through the work of beginner to professional digital anime artists.

Digital Art is nothing different than a traditional art form, except it is drawn using electronic devices. The most beautiful thing regarding digital art is its endless prospects and never-ending possibilities.

By the end, you would be familiar with all the essential tools and techniques to create a digital anime masterpiece!

Anime Art Process Explained Through Speedpaint Technique

Digital anime art is as fun as the traditional anime sketching. However, it might be difficult for beginners. So the anime artist Lixizu has created a tutorial featuring the whole digital anime sketch process. She has the SAI speedpaint tool.

Through this tutorial, you will learn some useful tips and tricks. When you are sketching with a background, start with a rough sketch. Draw the character outline first. Whether its a digital art or pencil sketch, using a reference image is always helpful.

The reference image helps you with the colouring, shading, grading and shadows. To make a scene look more natural, you must pay attention to value variety and contrast. Once you are done with the rough sketch, move on to the line arting – aka outlining the sketch.

For colouring, use the technique of multiple layering. Furthermore, for shading, it is best to use darker but more saturated colours. Keep the edges sharp and soft.

Another useful tip is to use more than one reference image to develop a unique anime art. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Digital Art Tips for Newbies.

If you are a new digital anime artist or switching from pencil sketch, it is normal to have questions. The anime artist, Love 2 Draw Manga have answered all your questions in a video. One of the most asked questions about digital art is what tool beginner use should? Whether they start with a mouse or a tablet? Sketching with a mouse is a little tricker and take a lot of practice and time.

On the other hands, tablets are quite helpful as you draw with the help of a pen. Also, the tablets can connect with your laptop, computer or even mobile phones.

There are two kinds of tablets available; with a screen and without a screen. The tablets without the screens are cheaper, using them can be challenging because you can’t see how the pen works.

On the other hand, the screens are very accommodative and easy to use but come at a high price. Another question that boggles the mind of new digital anime artists is what tool/software/program they should use?

It depends on your skill level and personal preference. Several program options are available that provide spectacular tools to create a masterpiece sketch.

One tip for shading/colouring the sketch is not to use black & white for shading & highlights in a coloured drawing.  Also, don’t rely on soft airbrush for shading if you want to add variation.

Draw and Color Anime Hair Digitally

Just like anime eyes, the hairstyle also defines the personality of the character. Therefore it is essential to pay close attention when sketching the hair. Especially when you are making a digital sketch. Let’s learn how to draw and colour hair of your anime character using Hyanna Natsu’s tutorial.

To start, you must have some reference images lined up for you. It would be best if you didn’t think wrong about using reference images; because even professional anime artists use them. These images help you give the idea of how your character should look like.

Reference images should not be anime always. You can also use real-life characters. When drawing the hair of the character, start with the hairline. Begin drawing little chunks of the hair. To sketch the hair use the line art technique.

Draw without fear of mistake. If you don’t like what you have just outlined, you can always delete it and start over again. When adding details, there is no need to add perfect lines.

To make the character’s hair flowy and floaty, use the ‘S’ curves or the ‘Spiral spring.’ This technique can be used to draw curly hair as well. To give your sketch a decent hairline art, go with long lines and make them thicker where the shadow goes.

Last, when adding colours keep the right balance between the light and shadow. Layering technique gives a very defined finished to the sketch. If you know how to play with colours, you are good to go.

10 Digital Art Tips To Make You A Better Digital Artist

If you want to improve your digital art skills, then use these amazing tips by Laovaan. When adding details to the character, it’s always better to work with shortcuts. It makes digital sketching a lot easier.

Another tip is to make your art worthwhile, is to use the smudge tool. Many artists think that the smudge tool is useless or make things worse. However, the reality is quite the opposite. One famous trick that is used by many anime artists is the combination technique.

To create a masterpiece of digital anime art, you should use both simple & special brushes. Also, combine the painting techniques and line art to enhance the look of the sketch.

So, these are some of the tutorials on digital anime art, by four best anime artists. Give these tutorials a try and let us know what improvements you made. Also, feel free to share your sketches or tips of your own!

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