Doctor Elise is Rather Interesting

Key points for Doctor Elise Mid-Season review:

  • Doctor Elise stands out with its unconventional blend of time loop, isekai, and medical fantasy elements, offering a fresh take on the genre.
  • Elise’s character is intricately shaped by her past lives, and her advanced knowledge of modern medicine adds depth to the narrative. The anime avoids typical isekai tropes, adding stakes to the storyline.
  • While the characters are well-written, the article notes a lack of chemistry among them. The hope is expressed that future episodes will address this issue, indicating an expectation for improved character interactions.

I didn’t realize that we had another good “time loop” anime this season aside from 7th Time Loop. And Doctor Elise is different still. I don’t even know if I should consider it an isekai, a reverse isekai, or a time loop anime. Why is that? Well, we’ll talk about it in due time. Even though all this setup is kind of an excuse to justify the core plot of the anime, I still think it is interesting and this anime in general holds potential.

I guess I should consider this article a mid-season review since 5 out of 12 episodes have already aired at the time of writing. Either way, welcome back to another one of my articles and today I’d like to talk about Doctor Elise. God, that title lol, I feel like I am talking about the character Elise instead. We will talk about her as well, of course, so let’s just start right away.

What do I think of Doctor Elise so far?

Elise is our protagonist. She was the daughter of a high-ranking noble family. And she was engaged to the prince of her country. But something went wrong and she was executed by her fiance, no less. So she gets reincarnated in our modern world. She works hard and becomes one of the best surgeons in the world. But she dies yet again in a plane crash, only to find herself back again in Elise’s body, coming back a full circle. In Elise’s world, doctors are few and far between so she decides to not repeat her past mistakes and pursue a career as a doctor in this world too.

That is one hell of a setup for what is essentially a medicine-centric fantasy anime. I wonder why they didn’t go through the typical isekai/reincarnation route. That would have achieved the same result. Well, I do admit that going this extra mile gives this anime more stakes and separates it from the ever-growing isekai pile. So I am not complaining.

The past two life experiences though are reflected very well in Elise’s character, Her knowledge of modern medicine is far more advanced than what people of her world know. And she doesn’t hide it. Of course, she doesn’t, she wants to save as many lives as possible. Aside from some minor weird stuff, one thing I do like is the fact that characters in this anime have proper reasons behind their actions. I know that sounds funny but the anime goes out of its way to give us the reasoning behind certain actions.

While the characters themselves are good, a certain chemistry is lacking between them. For example, in Elise’s previous life as the doctor, her best friend had a better dynamic with her than the prince. That is my one major issue with this anime so far. I hope that this is remedied in future episodes.

That is all for now!

Other than that major issue, I only have minor quibbles. Doctor Elise is pretty solid overall. It has an interesting setup and it owns it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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