Dr. Stone New World Part 2 Has Been Amazing So Far!!

Key points for Dr. Stone New World Part 2 first impressions:

  • The second episode of Dr. Stone New World Part 2 really got me hooked with its unexpected plot twists and reveals, making it a standout moment in the series.
  • I couldn’t help but notice that the pacing, especially in the first episode, felt a bit too fast for my liking. It might be a drawback for those who prefer a slower build-up.
  • I have to give props to the animation quality and art style, which continue to impress. Boichi’s art adds a lot to the overall appeal, and the opening theme has become one of my top favorites among Dr. Stone openings.

This year’s fall season has been pretty epic so far. We had some back-to-back amazing games, Spider-Man 2 on PS5, Alan Wake 2, Super Mario: Odessey, MK 1, Lies of P, etc. Epic Games is giving away The Evil Within 2 for free right now. And this sentiment extends to anime as well and Dr. Stone New World Part 2 is a testament to that.

I finally made some time to catch up to this anime and man, if they continue putting out episodes like these every week, it may become a staple on my Best Episodes of the Week series. Yes, the past few episodes were goodβ€”especially episodes 2 and 3.

So welcome back to another one of my First Impressions articles. Today we are talking about Dr. Stone New World Part 2. Let’s get started.

What do I think of Dr. Stone New World Part 2 so far?

Of course, we pick back up from where we left off in Part 1. Amaryllis, Kohaku, and Ginro had infiltrated the group of girls that serve Treasure Island’s chief to extract as much info as possible. Meanwhile, Senku and the others try and rescue their petrified friends who were thrown into the sea from their ship. Piece by piece, they almost get the whole gang together but the infiltration group is in big trouble.

The second episode of this season has to be one of the best episodes of the series to this point. There were so many reveals and plot twists in that episode and I absolutely did not see that ending coming. I literally bumped the rating of this anime a whole point because of that 2nd episode. I don’t want to spoil it here so please go check it out. Even if you fell off of the series at some point, please go watch the New World arc, it has been amazing so far and part 2 looks to be really promising as well if they keep up this kind of plot twists and depth.

I do think that the pacing is a little too fast at times, this was particularly apparent in the first episode. But other than that, I have no other major issues with the show so far. The animations and art style look awesome as always, Boichi’s art always looks good. The opening theme is pretty nice as well. Probably my 3rd favorite Dr. Stone opening theme now.

That is all for now!

So yeah, those were my first impressions of Dr. Stone New World Part 2. Man, I just got off two really good episodes so I am slightly biased here but I think that this anime deserves an easy 9/10 as of now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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