Dragon Ball Super New Movie Announced!

Dragon Ball Super New Movie Announced!

Dragon Ball Super New Movie Announced!

Dragon Ball Super is a very good anime and a worthy follow up to the all-time classic Dragon Ball Z. now granted it started with bad animations and the 2 starting arcs were basically a retelling of movies that had already come out but, then the tournament of power arc came and blew everyone away. The amazing CGI, the nostalgic OST, the Ultra Instinct just pure Dragon Ball goodness. The Tournament of Power arc alone more than makes up for the rocky start of the series. Go check it out now. The tournament of Power arc is amazing.

Just when we thought modern Dragon Ball couldn’t get any batter, we got a masterpiece in the form of the first DBS movie, Broly. The Broly movie was basically the animations and soundtrack of the Tournament of Power arc but with a better story and fights. The movie was literally much better than anyone expected. Now we have an announcement for another movie. So….

What do we know about the new Movie?

Toei Animation announced the movie on Sunday with Toriyama Akira writing the plot and designing characters. The movie is scheduled to release in Japanese theaters sometime in 2022. The movie is currently called just “DBS Movie” maybe they will give it a title in the future but, it doesn’t have a title for now. This movie will be a sequel to Broly. That is all we know about the movie for now. We don’t have a teaser or even a visual yet. Now with that being said


Oof, here comes the tough part. This once it’s going to tough because we have no promotional material for the movie yet. The fact that Toriyama himself is writing the plot and the movie is a sequel to the highly acclaimed Broly is enough to give high expectations to any DB fan. I really hope that the production quality of the movie is as good as Broly. They did something right with Broly and we want them to do it again. They have a recipe for a guaranteed success if they manage to follow in Broly’s footsteps.

As for me, I am really excited about this movie but at the same time, I am not expecting too much because creating something that can top off and follow Broly is a very tough job. Now if they manage to do it, it may very well be the highest-earning anime movie of next year. Well, we cannot do anything more than speculation at this point so that is what we’ll keep doing.

~ Dragon Ball Super New Movie


So that is all have for now. I am a bit skeptical about the movie because like all shonen anime, Dragon Ball has had a rocky history with movies. Some are very good, while some are really bad. As usual, follow us on Instagram, check out our amazing art section and stay tuned to the website for more articles from yours truly. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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