Durarara, Manga Recommendation of the Week!

Key takeaways from Manga Recommendation of the Week – Durarara

  • Durarara is a manga series that combines supernatural elements with a delinquent-style setting, making it a unique and interesting read.
  • The plot follows Ryuugamine Mikado as he delves deeper into the weird world of gangs and their conflicts in Ikebukuro, which is famous for its gangs, each having its own color, and the most notable among these is the colorless gang, Dollars.
  • Durarara has great characters, an awesome setting, and good art, making it a must-read for anyone who enjoys manga with a good plot and unique concept.

Durarara!! (DRRR!!) Vol 1 Manga Review | Anime Obsessed
So this manga is one of the very rare instances in which I have read the manga but not watched the anime. This is weird because I really did enjoy Durarara manga. I guess I didn’t because I didn’t really get a chance to watch it when it was trending. Anyhow, I will watch it one of these days. Today we are not here to talk about the anime anyways.

So welcome back to another edition of our manga recommendation series. Today we are taking a look at Durarara. Pretty sure everyone has at least heard of this series. It was quite popular back in the day and is still a pretty enjoyable read. So let’s talk about it today.

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Durarara is the manga version of the LN of the same name by Ryohogo Narita and Yasuda Suzuhito. The manga too is obviously written by Ryohogo Narita but the art is done by Satorigi Akiyo. The manga has 4 volumes or 22 chapters and was serialized in GFantasy magazine from June 2009 to April 2011. There are 3 sequel mangas 2 of them are of 3 volumes each and the last one is still ongoing.


The plot follows Ryuugamine Mikado who has recently moved to Ikebukuro. This version of Ikebukuro though isn’t normal. It is famous for its gangs, each having its own color. The most notable among these is the colorless gang, Dollars. No one knows the found members of this gang. We follow Mikado as he delves deeper into this weird world of gangs and their conflicts.

Durarara!! - Re;Dollars Hen Manga Chapter 9

I have to say, even after all these years, I don’t think anyone tried mixing supernatural elements with a delinquent-style setting like this. That combination alone makes this manga pretty unique and interesting to read. The story is pretty alright but, this unique setting is the main attraction of the series to me.


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Now, the setting gets even better when combined with the unique cast of characters Durarara has to offer. We have a lot of characters and most of them are pretty well-written. You see everything through Mikado’s perspective, right? So you too feel yourself being dragged deeper into this weird world as Mikado grows closer to certain characters. This allows for some unique character interactions that I really do enjoy.


The art is pretty good as well. I like the art style and stuff. Maybe it’s just me but the art style of Durarara really reminds me of some 90s mangas for whatever reason. I mean that as a compliment of course because I really do like the art in this series.

Why should you read Durarara?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this anime:

  • Good plot
  • Great characters
  • Awesome setting
  • Good art


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I really enjoyed reading Durarara and I am going back to catch up to the 4th arc. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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