Fate/Strange Fake – What’s Up With the Anime?

Fate Series is massive. It is full of countless spin-offs, retellings, alternate timelines, and whatnot. Amongst this vast sea of works, one light novel series has recently garnered a lot of praise and attention. Yes, I am talking about Fate/Strange Fake by Narita Ryohgo and Morii Shizuki. With its popularity, of course, an anime adaptation was bound to be made sooner or later. We did get an anime special announcement a while ago but now things have gotten a bit more complicated.

So let’s discuss the situation of the Fate/Strange Fake anime adaptation today. I’ve been wanting to talk about SF for a while now and this article gives me a good reason to do so. I actually quite like this series too but, we’ll discuss my thoughts on it after covering the news. So let’s get into the news first.

Fate/Strange Fake Anime's First Trailer Released | Manga Thrill

What do we know about the anime adaptation?

Fate/Strange Fake anime special was supposed to premiere on December 31st, 2022. The official website of SF announced that the special has been postponed indefinitely, citing production issues as the reason. “Production issues” is a pretty broad category so we can’t really pinpoint what the problem is. I just hope that the employees are getting healthy work hours; unlikely but I hope it is true.

Anyhow, the Fate/Strange Fake adaptation is being helmed by Takahito Sakazume and Shun Enokido at A1 Pictures. The anime has some really good staff behind it Daisuke Oohugashi for the script and my favorite, Hiroyuki Sawano for the music. I really hope to see this anime soon. With that said, let’s move on to

Crunchyroll - No Fooling: Fate/strange fake Releases Animated PV for Volume  6

My Thoughts

First of all, production issues can mean a million things, drastically varying in level of severity. So I can not say for certain how long the delay will be. I’d like to assume that is a minor error like scheduling or something, but it may very well be something even more serious. Still, though I hope it is nothing serious and I hope that this anime comes out amazing. Again, I hope the employees are getting proper work conditions.

And I have to say this man, a Fate anime with Sawano’s music is a dream I’ve always had but no one had done it before. Fate/Strange Fake will finally grant my wish. I really cannot wait to see what kind of fire arrangements Sawano comes up with for SF. Yeah man, I really look forward to SF and I hope it comes out in an amazing state. It is a good LN, it deserves the praise and attention it is getting. Hope A1 Pictures knows that.

Fate/strange Fake (5) eBook by 成田良悟- EPUB | Rakuten Kobo India


Well, that is all for now, it wasn’t good news today but hey, let them take their time. I hope that the reason for the delay is nothing too severe and that the anime production is back on track soon enough. Well, let me know what you guys think in the comments though, I will take my leave here. I am feeling sleepy. See ya!!

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