Frieren Episode 19 Was Fun!

Key points for Frieren Episode 19 review/cour 2 first impressions:

  • The unexpected turn of events in Frieren Episode 19, featuring an intense all-out fight, was a highlight. The episode effectively set the stage for more action in the upcoming episodes.
  • Cour 2 of Frieren initially started slow but has gained momentum, especially with the current arc. The “tournament” style exam adds a unique touch to the fantasy genre, making the anime stand out in a crowded space.
  • The character writing in Frieren is exceptional, even newer characters in Season 2 have well-expressed personalities. The design choices, such as Ubel’s name reflecting her sinister nature, contribute to the overall quality of the anime.

Winer 2024 is a good season not only because of the new anime, this season. It is also a good season because we have 3 great anime from last season continuing in this season as well. Ragna Crimson, Frieren, and The Apothecary Diaries are all amazing and I am glad that all of these are 2 cour animes. Now I titled the article for Frieren Episode 19 but I’d also like to take this chance to talk about how cour 2 has been so far. Spoiler alert: it has been fun as always.

But that’s not all of course. So welcome back to… well, I don’t know what to call this article. Either way, welcome back to another article today we are talking about Frieren Episode 19 and cour 2 in general. Let’s get started.

What do I think of Frieren Cour 2 so far and Why was Episode 19 so good?

Let’s go over Episode 19 first. I didn’t expect this arc to turn into an all-out fight. And boy, episode 19 delivered on that front so well. Now, it was mostly a setup for the next episode. So most of the action is saved for episode 20 but episode 19 was still fun as hell. I love how Frieren and her party utilized the unique characteristics of Stille to finally capture that damn bird. I also love the fact that every party in the exam is willing to do whatever it takes to clear the exam. Somehow, I am more excited for Fern’s fight in the coming episode than Frieren.

Either way, this arc is shaping up to be really fun so far. And that’s pretty much what I feel about Cour 2 so far. It started a little slow like most Frieren arcs but it really picked up this episode. I know that this “tournament” style exam is a very typical fantasy trope. But I still like it here because Frieren does it differently. This anime is such a breath of fresh air in a pretty congested genre. And I think that is precisely why it has become so popular.

Also, I’d like to mention just how good the character writing in this show is. Frieren’s party members for example, we have only known them for 2 or 3 episodes as of now, and yet, we still know their characters well. I also love how the character designs complement their personalities well. Ubel for example, you know she is bad news just by looking at her. Her name, Ubel apparently also means evil in German so that’s very fitting as well.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Frieren has been cooking and episode 19 was a great example of that. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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