Frieren Episode 25 Was Amazing! Best Episodes of the week!

Key points for Best Episodes of the Week – Winter 2024, Week 9

  • I absolutely loved Frieren, with episodes 25 and the upcoming 26 standing out as some of the best. The intense fight scenes and meticulous planning showcased in this anime are truly commendable.
  • Episode 8 of Solo Leveling offered a different perspective by exploring the aftermath of past events, revealing the impact on survivors and delving into the economic implications of dungeons. It underlines the crucial role guilds and Hunters play in the story.
  • I foresee Yamada and Ichikawa finally getting together in the upcoming episodes. While I found the internet stalking subplot somewhat redundant, I appreciate the growth of Yamada’s parents as characters and eagerly await the payoff in the storyline.
  • In Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 9, hints about Ayanokoji’s end goal in ANHS are dropped, and a meaningful conversation with Manabu provides key insights. The aftermath of the voting arc and Hirata’s behavior are intriguing, and Koenji once again steals the spotlight.
  • Episode 9 of A Sign of Affection gave us cozy moments between Itsu and Yuki, making others, particularly Kyouya and Rin, feel awkward. The Sign Language Boot Camp and Rin’s humorous excitement added to the enjoyment of this slice-of-life segment.

The Winter 2024 season is slowly winding down and the anime we enjoyed throughout this season will gradually come to an end. And I feel like the anime I am going to miss the most once this season is over, isn’t even from this season lol. Of course, I am talking about Frieren. I did a huge review for it earlier this week and if you’ve read it, you’ll know just how much I loved that show. Episode 25 and the upcoming episode 26 might just be some of the best episodes of Frieren as is.

That is not all though, of course. Solo Leveling Episode 8 was well worth the wait, Classroom of the Elite Season 3 somehow still manages to keep things interesting, and man, whatever I’d do in my life without the weekly dose of sugar from A Sign of Affection and The Dangers in my Heart Season 2. Just 3 more weeks to go before the spring season starts and I am going to miss this season, that is for sure,

For now, though, welcome back to another edition of the best episodes of the week! Let’s talk about everything from Frieren Episode 25 to Solo Leveling Episode 8! Here are my favorite episodes of the week!

Solo Leveling Episode 8

When they took a week off last week only giving us a recap episode I thought that episode 8 was taking longer to complete than expected. But then I found out that it was a scheduled break. So I was completely expecting episode 8 to be full of action and stuff because of all this. And I am not mad that we didn’t get an action-packed episode this week because what we did get in this episode was good in its own right. This episode showcased the effects the events of episodes 1 and 2 had on the people who managed to survive that dungeon.

The guy who led the party back then is also in charge of the current mission. And I love the fact that he bowed down and apologized to Sung and everyone else for his bad decision. We get a similar look into how the lives of other survivors had changed after that incident as well. Also, another thing I liked about this episode was how it explored the economic impact of dungeons. The economy and infrastructure of the country can no longer function without the materials from dungeons. That makes guilds and Hunters very important.

The Danger in My Heart Season 2 Episode 9

I think that this season will end with Yamada and Ichikawa finally getting together. In this episode, Yamada admitted to her mother that she likes Ichikawa and Ichikawa also mustered up the courage to tell her father about his feelings. And I think Ichikawa has her father’s approval too now? Well, that only leaves the hard part, them confessing their feelings to each other. Come one, do it. You’ve mustered up the courage to tell your parents, you can definitely tell each other now, come on,

I do feel that the internet stalked sub-plot was a little redundant. That said, I do think that it will have a payoff down the line and it did a decent enough job of showcasing that Ichikawa is actually quite smart. Even putting that aside though, this was a great episode. Both of Yamada’s parents as characters have really grown on me and the anime has handled them very well.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 9

This episode finally dropped some hints as to what the end goal for Ayanokoji is in the ANHS. That confrontation with the board member aside, Ayanokoji dropped a much bigger hint about his objectives in the conversation with Manabu near the end of the episode. That little conversation with Manabu was unironically one of the best parts of this episode. Despite mostly being a light-hearted chatter, it gave us a few important things to think about.

Aside from that, this episode dealt with the aftermath of the voting arc. Hirata has completely gone off the deep end and refused to take part in any class discussion regarding the upcoming special exam. It will be interesting to see how Ayanokoji and/or Horikita bring him back. He is still an important part of the class after all. Also, props to Koenji again for stealing the whole show for the short while he was in this episode.

A Sign of Affection Episode 9

Man, I feel like Itsu and Yuki being all cozy and close together effortlessly and making others around them (Kyouya and Rin specifically) embarrassed will never get old lol. You can feel how awkward it must be for the people around them. And hey, it is the “Sign Language Boot Camp” they planned and it went great. Well, it was like a picnic in the mountains with a little bit of sign language instructions from Yuki involved. But hey, friends going out together and having fun, I can always appreciate a good SOL segment like that.

Also, Rin getting all super excited and fangirling over Kyouya only to injure herself in the process was hilarious. Girl, watch where you are standing before getting that excited haha. Itsu making some big moves though, huh? Next week should be an interesting episode though, The show had been building towards this and this was an eventuality, of course but next week we will finally get that conversation between Oushi and Itsu.

Frieren Episode 25

I am so glad that I waited till episode 25 to write my review for Frieren. This episode immediately reminded me of everything I love about this series. Even though most of this episode was spent forming a plan and an important flashback set right after Flamme’s death, the bits and pieces of the fight scene we got were just so good. Frieren was right when she said “I know the best how scary I can be”, A mage who has lived for over 1000 years fighting their clone is bound to be wild and that is exactly what we got.

Once again, I love how much planning and thought goes into every big fight in this anime. Now the fight aside, the previous flashback I mentioned between Series and Frieren right after Flamme’s death was very interesting as well. Series has been a very interesting character, I look forward to seeing her meeting with Frieren in the present day. God knows how many hundreds of years it has been since they last met.

That is all for now!

Those were my favorite episodes from this week and honestly, this was one of the best weeks of the whole season in my opinion. And I have a feeling that the remaining 3 weeks will only continue to get better. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!

Also, check out my Frieren review here! I worked very hard on it!

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