Frieren Episode 28 Made Me Cry, Best Episodes of the Week

Key points for Best Episodes of the Week – Winter 2024, Week 12

  • Frieren’s final episode prompts widespread internet sadness, reflecting its profound impact on viewers.
  • The finale of “A Sign of Affection” provides insight into the characters’ backgrounds, though leaving some fans unsatisfied with the resolution.
  • Season 3 of “Classroom of the Elite” wraps up Year 1 with character growth and intriguing setups for future storylines.
  • After a slight dip, “Ragna Crimson” rebounds with intense action sequences, setting the stage for an anticipated climax.
  • “Solo Leveling” delivers exhilarating combat scenes as Sung Jinwoo faces formidable challenges in a dungeon quest.
  • Unexpected character choices lead to a tense cliffhanger in “The Dangers in My Heart,” promising an engaging finale.

Man, you know an anime was good when the whole internet is sad that it is over. It has been a while since I saw an anime that almost everyone on the internet liked and has maintained the No. 1 spot on MAL for so many weeks now. I know that it will eventually fall off from it but you can feel how much this anime appealed to people. Yes, it is finally here, Episode 28 of Frieren, the last episode of this anime we will get for a good while. And what an episode it was.

That said though, I’d be lying if I said that was the only highlight of this week. That had the biggest impact on me, personally but this week we had some amazing episodes in general. It was the last episode for a lot of the winter 2024 animes and we got some amazing episodes for sure. Ragna Crimson felt off for a couple of weeks, but it finally regained momentum this week. That along with Solo Leveling and The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 will end next week. And all of these are doing a great job of building towards that upcoming finale.

With that lengthy introduction out of the way, let’s get started. It is the 12 and penultimate week of the Winter 2024 season and here are my favorite anime episodes of the week!

A Sign of Affection Episode 12

Probably the weakest episodes on this list. I don’t mean to say that it is bad, it was a perfectly good finale to this awesome series. Just that the other episodes on this list are just so, so much better. Still, this series never fails to pluck on our heartstrings with its charming character interactions. And this episode did just that. If you remember, when Yuki asked Itsu about his travels before, he deflected the question.

Well, he finally gave her the answer to that in this episode. And I think this one episode gives us a better understanding of his character than ever before. Yes, we’ve had multiple flashbacks and stuff with him but this episode was just different. And I like how much mental preparation it took Yuki to read his message. Also, my man Oushi got done dirty. That is my one complaint with this episode. Everyone got a happy ending except him.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 12

3 seasons later we are finally at the end of year 1 of the series. I am curious to know if the anime will adapt the year 2 of the LN as well. Regardless, it is kind of surprising how many future plotlines were set up in this episode given that it is a season finale and all. This episode did a great job of showcasing how far the characters have come since the beginning of the series. How far Class D as a whole has come.

And I think that was a good choice since not only is this episode the end of this season, but it is also the end of the year 1 section of the story. Horikita once again was the centerpiece of this episode in my opinion. And the last few moments she had before her brother left perfectly encapsulated her character’s arc so far. Ayanokoji was off doing his own things with Sakayanagi and the teachers. Great episode overall.

Ragna Crimson Episode 23

The last few episodes of the series felt a little off. I don’t know if they were conserving budget or something but they just didn’t hit right. This week though, the series came back with a bang. Ragna is literally the definition of “too angry to die” at this point. We got an amazing fight sequence between him and Kamui. It is wild to think that the only upper-class dragon remaining is Kamui, aside from Ultimatia of course.

I am not sure what is going on with Crimson at this point. He almost had Ultimatia and now I am not sure what’s the situation but I am sure we will get a clarification in the next episode, The episode finally looked as it should have and it was a pure joy to watch from the beginning to the end.

Solo Leveling Episode 11

A very similar case to the previous one. Sung Jinwoo finally accepts the job-change quest he got and the dungeon is tough as hell. The boss he faced at the end of the dungeon, not only had a really cool design but the fight with him was pretty good as well. Jingwoo was really on his edge the whole damn time and he chose the perfect opportunity to strike it down.

From the very beginning, the episode was packed with action and that is exactly what we watch Solo Leveling for. The Cool factor of the series is undeniable and this episode was an amazing showcase of just that. Not much else to say here, really. Just go and watch the episode, you will enjoy it.

The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 Episode 12

Ok, I was under the impression that this episode is going to be the season finale. But no, it turns out that the series was scheduled for 13 episodes instead of 12. And if this episode was the season finale and it ended the way it did, I’d be mad lmao. Because it ended up on a pretty big cliffhanger. Can this series NOT have a single episode was some amount of meaningful character progression??

I won’t spoil what happens but what Yamada did in this episode requires guts. It takes a certain amount of maturity and honestly, if I was in her position, I don’t know if I could do that. Kyotaro realizes what she did and it immediately flips his switch and he runs at the end of the episode, he runs desperately to get to her and tell her his feelings no matter what. And then the episode ends in a super awkward situation lol. Yeah, the next episode is going to be good.

Frieren Episode 28

I don’t need to tell you again just how much I am going to miss this anime. Just take a look at how many posts Frieren Episode 28 is generated. People have even made fanarts expressing how sad they are that this is the last Frieren Friday. It has honestly been incredible seeing how much people loved this series and honestly, I have never quite seen a reaction like this to an anime ending.

What about the episode itself? Well, Fern finally got her first-class mage qualification and even had a ceremony for it. We don’t see Serie a lot in this episode but in a very roundabout way, this episode was about her. And I quite like it. And lastly, the episode ended with Frieren and her group bidding goodbye to all the friends they made during their exams. I love how the episode ends with a seemingly meta joke about Frieren always keeping goodbyes short so that things won’t be awkward the next time they meet. This also applies to the series and us haha.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here, Even aside from Frieren Episode 28, this was a good week for us anime fans. It is going to be sad to see this season go. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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