Fuuto PI is Getting a Movie!

Article at a glance:

  • A new movie titled “Portrait of Kamen Rider Skull” is under production, directed by Yosuke Kabashima at Studio Kai, with Tsuda Kenjiro joining the cast.
  • The movie will have a limited screening in Japan starting November 8th, with the potential for varied international release dates.

If you remember, Fuuto PI was among my favorites from 2022. I still get comments on my review for this anime to this day, I have no idea why. Back then, I wasn’t even that good at this review thing. I am a much better critic now but I still have a lot to learn. See? Just talking about this anime made me feel nostalgic and reflect, that is how much I miss this show lol. So imagine my surprise when I see a sequel movie announcement for it. It made me really happy.

There are a few odd things about this announcement though. And I will talk about them later on. But first, let’s get over the news. There are plenty of things to be hyped about when it comes to this movie. So welcome back to another news article and after all this time, once again we are talking about Fuuto PI. Let’s get started.

What do we know about the Fuuto PI movie?

The official website of the anime recently announced that a movie titled “Portrait of Kamen Rider Skull” is under production and it will be released soon. We got a few new additions to the staff and one of my favorite voice actors of all time, Tsuda Kenjiro will be joining the cast as Narumi Soukichi. Other than that, all of the previous staff and cast members will be returning. This means Yosuke Kabashim will be once again directing the movie at Studio Kai.

The movie is scheduled for a limited screening in Japan starting November 8th this year. If it does get a worldwide release, the release dates will vary depending on your country most probably. We also got a teaser PV, which you can check out right here.

That covers all the news for now so let’s move on to

My Thoughts

Obviously, I am very excited about this movie. What’s got me curious is why the limited screening. I am assuming they didn’t have the budget for a bigger release. But I can’t be certain. If that’s the case, I doubt there will be a worldwide theatrical release for it unless the limited screening does really well. Those are just my guesses of course, but the limited screening does strike me as odd; unless they plan to do a full-scale release after seeing how the limited screening performs? I don’t know.

Still, though, I am happy that one of my recent favorites is getting more content. Hopefully, we will get a Season 2 announcement soon after the movie as well.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I am happy to see more Fuuto PI and I hope there will be yet more in the future. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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