Fuuto Tantei Mid-Season Review!

So I talked about Fuuto Tantei a few weeks ago when I found out about it and I watched that henshin scene like 100 times. Now a few weeks later, let’s talk a bit more about it. Episode 6 just dropped so it is a great time for a mid-season review. I don’t know how long the anime will go on though, maybe it’ll be 24 episodes who knows? But well, I’ll just put my thoughts on the show so far up now.

So welcome back to another of my mid-season reviews™. Today we are talking about Fuuto Tantei. Once again, I was genuinely surprised by this anime. I didn’t know what it was and wouldn’t have bothered to check it out if not for a particular Reddit post. I am so glad that I found this anime, I have really enjoyed it a lot so far.

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My Thoughts on Fuuto Tantei

Fuuto Tantei is based on an ongoing manga of the same name. The series serves as a spin-off/sequel to Kamen Rider W. Don’t worry though, you can watch this show without knowing anything about the Kamen Rider universe. I did the same.

So I was drawn in by that henshin scene at the end of episode 2. I thought the anime will be full of fights but no, Fuuto Tantei is first and foremost a detective anime. Fights only occur near the end of a case, the mysteries and case solving are a bigger focus than fights. And honestly, that is absolutely fine to me, we don’t have that many good detective anime.

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Fuuto Tantei feels similar to Psycho-Pass in a lot of ways and that is a compliment. It is not easy to capture that feel and that balance between suspense and action. The characters are really good too. I have made my fondness for Tokime apparent in the previous article so I won’t talk about her. Shotaro though quickly climbed up in my eyes. He pretends to be this hard-boiled detective and while he looks the part, he is a very soft-hearted guy. Even naive at times, he’s a really cool MC.

After that, Phillip really caught my eye in the recent episodes. I thought he’d just be the encyclopedia for the series but no, he actually went on the field. He is very relatable to me since I am just as socially awkward as him. Then there is Terui Ryu, the badass cop. We haven’t seen that much of him so far, but I will admit that I understand why his wife, Akiko is head over heels for him.

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A good plot with entertaining characters, good fights, and great animations is what makes Fuuto Tantei so good. Seriously, the animations and art style in this series are really, really good. I love the environment design, it really gives a good vibe and setting to the anime.


So as things stand now, Fuuto Tantei easily gets an from me. It is a really good anime with quite a bit of rewatch value to me. I’ve watched the released 6 episodes like thrice already. That is saying something. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here, my mom has asked me to do some work. See ya!

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