Girls Last Tour, Manga Recommendation of the Week!

Key points for Manga Recommendation – Girls Last Tour

  • Girls Last Tour excels in balancing a post-apocalyptic setting with a surprisingly entertaining and occasionally humorous tone, creating a unique and engaging reading experience.
  • Despite a small supporting cast, the focus on the main characters Chito and Yuuri, along with their well-executed banter and development, keeps readers invested in the manga.
  • The art skillfully portrays the stark contrast between the realistically drawn, daunting post-war backgrounds and the cute anime art style of the characters, enhancing the overall thematic impact of the story.

Ok, so after something as heavy as Clannad for the anime recommendation, I had to do something comparatively light for the manga recommendation. And while Girls Last Tour isn’t exactly a comedy manga, it is still interesting. The complete opposition of the setting and the tone of this story is what makes it interesting. I will explain exactly what that means a little bit. But this is a very enjoyable read and I think it deserves more attention.

So welcome back to another edition of our manga recommendation series! And this week we are talking about something truly unique. This week, we are talking about Girls Last Tour or Girls’ Last Tour, however, you want to spell it. So let’s just get started right away!

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The manga is written and illustrated by Tsukumizu. It was serialized from February 2014 to January 2018 in the Kuraga Bunch magazine. The manga is rather short coming in at just 47 chapters compiled into 6 volumes. It also has a 12-episode anime adaptation by White Fox Studio that came out in 2017. It doesn’t cover the whole manga but the reviews for it look pretty good (I haven’t watched it myself) so you can check that out if you wish as well.


This manga is set in a post-apocalyptic world. A massive war destroyed pretty much everything and our two MCs, Chito and Yuuri are seemingly the only survivors. And they have to salvage everything they can just to stay alive. They only have their motorcycle to rely on and no place to live. Despite their situations, both of them find different ways to entertain themselves and the manga follows their daily lives throughout this landscape.

As I mentioned, despite the serious tone and setting, this manga is surprisingly entertaining. It will make you laugh on more than a few occasions but it will never let you forget what kind of situation Chito and Yuuri are in, at the same time. It is this contrast of themes and how well the plot manages to pull it off that makes this manga special and as good as it is.


As you might imagine, there aren’t a lot of characters in this manga. The series is mostly just about Chito and Yuuri themselves. We do have a small supporting cast and they have their impact for sure but again, the series is mostly about Chito and Yuuri. And both of their characters are well done. They play off of each other well and both of them get a decent amount of character development throughout the series as well. Aside from the setting, their characters and their banter are what will keep you invested in the manga.


The art once again does a great job of showcasing the dichotomy of this manga. The backgrounds are drawn rather realistically and are daunting, reminding you of the post-war setting of this manga at all times. But the characters are drawn in a very typical cute anime art style. It may seem weird to think about at first but the author manages to make it work and it works well.

Summing Up

Here’s why you should read Girls Last Tour:

  • Cool setting
  • Interesting plot dynamic
  • Great characters
  • Awesome art

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And please give this manga a try. It is very different from any other slice-of-life manga I have read and I like it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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