Goblin Slayer S2 – I am So Excited about This!!

Key points for Goblin Slayer S2 First Impressions:

  • In Goblin Slayer S2 Episode 1, we delve into the developments over the year between Season 2 and Goblin’s Crown, witnessing changes like the introduction of new facilities for adventurers like a training course.
  • The episode showcases significant character growth, emphasizing the strengthened bonds among adventurers. Even those who once looked down on Goblin Slayer have grown closer after the events of Season 1. The new kids still are weirded out by him thoiugh.
  • With a different studio and, presumably, a new staff, the art style has subtly evolved. Personally, I don’t mind the changes and look forward to impactful action scenes, supported by a fantastic opening song from Milli that perfectly complements the visuals.

The big names of the Fall 2023 season are finally starting to pour in and soon we will have lots to talk about. So among the big names, there were two anime in particular I couldn’t wait to cover. And yep, one of them was Goblin Slayer S2!

Compared to the other anime from this season, this first episode was comparatively less impactful as it didn’t contain as many big reveals or action as some of the other first episodes from this season. Does that mean it was a bad episode? No, not at all. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I will discuss why in a bit.

So welcome back to another one of my first impressions article. Today we are talking about Goblin Slayer S2! So let’s get started!

What do I think of Goblin Slayer S2 Episode 1?

This episode mostly got us up to speed with everything that happened between Season 2 and Goblin’s Crown. A year has passed since then and a lot of things have changed, There is now a full-fledged training course for new adventurers. Lots of new kids have joined the Adventure Guild and Goblin Slayer is obviously trying his best to avoid a repeat of what happened in episode 1 of the first season. We also got to learn a bit about the promotion process of the Guild as the Priestess is trying to get hers.

It was a pretty average episode, we didn’t even get a fight but it was nice to see how much closer everyone has gotten after all the time they’ve spent together. Even the people who previously used to look down on Goblin Slayer are now much more familiar with him after the Season 1 finale. Always nice to see character growth like this for everyone. We also get introduced to a new character. I think he will be important in the future. For now, he is just there.

Now as you may know, Goblin Slayer S2 is being made by a completely different studio than S1 and I am pretty sure most of the staff members are different as well. So that means that the art this time around is slightly different as well. I personally don’t mind the new art style, if the opening is anything to go by, the action will still look just as visceral as season 1. And speaking of the opening, Milli is back with another banger song. Ir fits so well with the visuals of the opening too. I love it.

That is all for now!

So may not be as impactful as some of the other anime I talked about so far but Goblin Slayer S2 episode 1 was still enjoyable. I am sure we will get our fill of action in the upcoming episodes. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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