Gokushufudou – Spring 2021 Anime Gets 2nd Season

Gokushufudou - Spring 2021 Anime Gets 2nd Season

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Gokushufudou Gets 2nd Season

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Gokushufudou or “The Way of The House Husband” is a Netflix original anime or an ONA adapting the manga of the same name.

There were only 5 episodes in the first season and every single one of them funny as hell. They just announced the sequel on a special live stream program. In case you did not know.

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About Gokushufudou

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Gokushufudou follows a former Yakuza legend the “Immortal Tatsu” who literally defeated a rival gang alone with a lead pipe. His name is enough to strike fear in the hearts of Police officers and Yakuza alike. Tatsu is now retired though and lives his life as a house husband.

There are often grave and very funny misunderstandings with Tatsu because of how he looks and how serious he acts all the time.​

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In the 1st season, Gokushufudou only had 5 episodes that were not even full length and were not even properly animated. The episodes were a series of fixed images like a slide show along with voice acting. Now don’t get me wrong, it does have its charms but they don’t last long because nothing beats a properly animated anime. This really saddens me because Gokushufudou is really hilarious and it deserves better. I really hope that we get the full-length and properly animated season for it.

Gokushufudou is one of the funniest anime of all time for me and I really want to see it in full animations. Tatsu’s serious face in full animations would be funny to look at for sure. Not only that, if they carry over some of the transitions they used with the images to the full-fledged anime, the animations will look smoother than normal. Those transitions paired with animations will really look good believe me. Even if they switched to slide show mode for a few unimportant scenes, it would look really great for sure.

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~ Gokushufudou

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We do not have a confirmed date or even announcement clip for season 2 of Gokushofudou yet but, I really do hope season 2 is better than season 1 in terms of the animations and episode length and I really hope it is a full season instead of just 5 episodes.

The manga has more than enough content for a full season. Common Netflix, you have something extremely good on your hands. Gokushufudou is a very good series to invest in it. Give us a better season 2. You will easily earn back every penny you put into the production of this anime. I am not even asking for god-tier animations; just animate the series properly with full-length episodes.

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Final Words

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So this is all I have for now. I am looking forward to Gokushufudou season 2 a lot. I really do hope that this once we will get properly animated and a full-length season. Full-length seasons are more important than one may realize.

This series really deserves better treatment so it really pains me to see it being animated in this way. As usual, let me know down in the comments what you think of Gokushufudou and as usual, do not forget to check out my other articles and the awesome art section of our website. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!


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