Golden Kamuy Season 5 Announced!

Key takeaways from Golden Kamuy Season 5 news:

  • Golden Kamuy Season 5 has been officially confirmed as the final season of the series, adapting the manga’s final arc.
  • The 13th episode of Season 4 revealed the production of Season 5, indicating the continuation of the high standard of storytelling.
  • The main cast is expected to reprise their roles, and although no specific details have been released, more information is anticipated to surface soon.
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As I said, there is a lot of news to go over this week since the spring season just concluded. I’ve been getting over everything as quickly as I can, and because of that rush, I almost missed this one. But yes, Golden Kamuy Season 5 is now officially confirmed, and it will be the final season of this awesome series.

I’ll be honest; I could not watch Golden Kamuy Season 4 this season as I was really busy. You know, I had my exams throughout May so there was a limit to the anime I could keep up with. But now that I am free, I am going to binge it all.

But let’s save my thoughts for later. Let’s go over all the news first. Again, there is not much, as this is just an initial announcement. But still, welcome back to another news article. Today we are talking about Golden Kamuy Season 5. Let’s get started.

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What do we know about Golden Kamuy Season 5?

The 13th and final episode of Season 4 came aired this week and it revealed that the 5th season was under production. And yes, the 5th season will adapt the final arc of the series so Golden Kamuy anime will conclude with the 5th season. The manga ended not too long ago so many of us saw this coming. That is all we got for now, the website did reveal a teaser visual for season 5 but that is about it.

Once again, I think it is fair to assume that the main cast will be reprising their roles. The staff may change but I don’t think the changes will be substantial this deep into the production. Sadly, we did not get a teaser to accompany this announcement like the other ones I covered. But I expect more details to surface soon.

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So let’s move on to

What do I think?

Not much to be said here. Golden Kamuy is an amazing anime. And although I have not watched season 4 yet, I am pretty sure the high standard of storytelling will be maintained. I heard a lot of praise for season 4 so I am sure it is good. That said though, I have not seen the manga ending. So I am really curious to see how the series will wrap up.

Season 3 left off with a lot of interesting questions, I am sure Season 4 answered a few of them. Still, it should be interesting to see how Season 5 wraps everything up. A little speculation as usual: I think the anime will come out sometime next year. First half most probably. But that’s just my speculation.

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That is it for now. I am really excited about Golden Kamuy Season 5. The fact that it is the last arc makes it even better. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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