Guilty Gear: strive is getting an Anime Adaptation!

Article at a glance:

  • \Arc System Works announced an anime titled “Dual Rulers” based on Guilty Gear: Strive, directed by Shigeru Morikawa and animated by Sanzigen.
  • More information will be unveiled on July 4th at Anime Expo 2024 in LA.
  • Daisuke Ishiwatari, the game’s original character artist, will also be involved in the anime adaptation.

Guilty Gear is a long-running series of fighting games. It is not as mainstream as say Street Fighter, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat but most people who are into fighting games know of it. Guilty Gear: Strive is the latest installment in the series and it has such a unique art style. Yes, the art style is very anime-like but even then, once you see it, you’ll instantly know that it is Guilty Gear. And if you are into fighting games, I can easily recommend Strive, it is an awesome video game.

So all these years later, this video game series has decided to dip its toes in the world of anime. Looking at Guity Gear, I thought that they already have an anime out there but it looks like I was wrong and this is the first anime adaptation of the series. And it is based on Guilty Gear: Strive in particular. Which is interesting. So let’s talk about this announcement. It came out of nowhere and it is fascinating so let’s get into it.

What do we know about the Guilty Gear: Strive Anime?

The game publisher of Strive, Arc System Works opened an official website for the anime adaptation. They announced the main cast, studio and the anime will be called “Dual Rulers”. As with most recent announcements, more details will be revealed at the Anime Expo 2024. The Anime Expo 2024 is on 4th July in LA. For now, though, we know that the anime will be directed by Shigeru Morikawa at Sanzigen. And the original character artist for the game, Daisuke Ishiwatari will also be doing the same for the anime!

Sanzigen is known for their work on the Initial D Legends movies and more recently, the BanG Dream anime adaptations. BanG Dream is also a video game adaptation. But yeah, that is all the news we got for now so let’s move on to

My thoughts

I am aware that the hardcore Guilty Gear community has some issues with the story of Strive. I am not a hardcore Guilty Gear player, Strive is the only game I have played from that franchise so I won’t comment on the story. Did I enjoy the story? Yes, I did but again, don’t count my opinion on it since this was my first GG game. But I do think that the story will lend itself well to an anime adaptation. It is a very typical anime-like story after all. Sanzigen is also not a bad studio to end up with. I like that they decided to get more video game adaptations.

That just leaves one question in my mind, will the anime tell a different story from that of the game or will it be like NieR Automata v1.1a which just stuck to the game’s story but modified certain parts to fit better in an anime style? Either way, I do look forward to it. I think it could end up being pretty good.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. As I said, I look forward to it and I think it will be fun. With that said, I will take my leave here. Off to play some Elden Ring, need to prepare for that upcoming DLC after all! See ya!

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