Hamefura Season 2 – First look at the PV!

Hamefura Season 2 - First look at the PV!

Hamefura Season 2 First look at the PV!

Another sequel that was coming this year and completely slipped off my mind. Well, you can’t blame me!! Too many sequels this year! Not that I am complaining though. I am happy to see so many sequels. Well, Hamefura or My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes Lead to doom is getting a sequel this July, and man I am excited about it. If it is anywhere as good as the first one, man it will be fun. Well for now:


Now I am very excited about this anime (as usual, life is stressful enough. Anime is one of the few things that helps me get rid of stress so can’t help but look forward to sequels of anime I like!!) because the first season was easily one of the better comedy anime out there. I love comedy anime and hence have watched quite a few. Hamefura is one of the few anime that I keep coming back to and do not get bored or fed up with. Yes, it is that funny.

I mean, Catarina’s overall is behavior is something you cannot predict and is extremely stupid at times. I mean, she tends to take long and complex paths to something very simple! And then her habit of overthinking and her inability to read people often results in very funny situations. She does not even realize she has made herself a harem and all the harem members are extremely competitive with each other. Yo do check Hamefura out before the sequel is out. I will treat myself to a rewatch as well.

So this is all I have for today. Check out the preview here. I am sure the 2nd season will be as funny as the 1st one (at least I hope so). Hamefura is a very good anime do check it out. It has very little world-building but I am not complaining because it is set in a video game world and very few video games have proper world-building. Furthermore, the video game was a dating sim so of course, you cannot expect there to be much world-building. Well, that’s it for now. Do let me know down in the comments how excited you are for the Hamefura Season 2 and do check out my other articles and the awesome art we have on our site. See ya!

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