Heavenly Delusion – What did I just Watch?

Key takeaways from Heavenly Delusion First Impressions:

  • Heavenly Delusion, or Tengoku Daimakyou, is an anime that gives off a constant feeling of unrest, even during SoL or funny scenes.
  • The plot revolves around man-eating monsters that have destroyed most of the world and certain children who are sheltered in a facility, as well as a man on a journey to find a place called ‘heaven’.
  • The anime has its own identity, different from The Promised Neverland, and while the animations can be hit or miss, the opening and ending themes are impressive.

Tengoku Daimakyou - PV - Bilibili

There is this 2012 video game by Ubisoft called ‘I am Alive’. It is not a horror game by any stretch, it does not have a lot of fighting either. But the game never feels ‘safe’. Even in checkpoint areas, you don’t feel normal. There is always this feeling of unrest you get while playing that game. Why do I bring that up? Because Heavenly Delusion gives me a lot of similar vibes.

So welcome back to another of my first impressions articles. Today I am talking about Heavenly Delusion or Tengoku Daimakyou. I am so glad that I did not miss this anime and I really wish more people jump on this because this anime is lit. So let’s get started.

Tengoku Daimakyou - 01 - 01 - Lost in Anime

What do I think about Heavenly Delusion?

So as I was talking about ‘I am Alive’, I said that the game never feels ‘safe’. This anime is similar to that because even when you SoL or funny scenes, it does not feel ‘normal’. It always feels like something is going on and usually, yes, that is indeed true. This anime is even clever enough to use that feeling to lure you into a false sense of security like in episode 2.

So what is Heavenly Delusion about? Well, these man-eating monsters have wreaked havoc all over the world. Destroying cities and killing most humans. There is this facility built to shelter certain children in this destruction but as you might expect the children are curious about the outside. Meanwhile, a guy is journeying with a ‘bodyguard’ to find this place called ‘heaven’.

Tengoku Daimakyou Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date, Everything You Need to  Know

The plot gives The Promised Neverland vibes, right? I thought so too but this anime is so different from TPN. It starts off feeling similar but over time, it gains its own identity. I cannot wait to learn more about this world and where these monsters come from. Hopefully, we get some of these answers in the future.

Lastly, the animations are… fine, I guess? Because at times, the art style and animations look really cool but at times they look very flat and goofy. The opening and ending themes are awesome though. The opening theme is unsettling like the anime and they went for this very lively song in the ending; it is a total contrast but it works really well.


Well, that is all for now. Please do not sleep on this anime, it has been amazing so far and I really cannot wait to see more of it. With that said, I will take my leave here. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And see ya!

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