Hell’s Paradise Season 2 Annonced!

Key takeaways from Hell’s Paradise Season 2 news:

  • Hell’s Paradise Season 2 has been announced at the end of the first season’s final episode.
  • No specific details about the release window or plot have been revealed yet.
  • The original cast is expected to return, with MAPPA animating the second season.

Hell's Paradise Season 2 Announced With a New Trailer

I did not expect to see this among the whole bunch of news I covered. Now, this one does not come from Anime Expo, but a season-ending brings with it a bunch of news either way. And yep, as you might have guessed, the final episode of season 1 announced Hell’s Paradise Season 2.

Again I am guessing that this is more of a 2nd cour than a full-fledged season 2. But it is more Hell’s Paradise, so I am not gonna complain, especially after ending the last season on a high note.

Let’s save my thoughts for later, though. Let’s go over the news first, as there isn’t much of it. So welcome back to another news article. Today we are talking about Hell’s Paradise Season 2!

Hell's Paradise Confirms Season 2

What do we know about Hell’s Paradise Season 2?

The 13th and final episode of season 1 aired recently. And as I said, the ending of the episode announced that a 2nd season is under production. No release window or any other details about the 2nd season were revealed though. So we have to wait for those updates to surface. We got an announcement teaser too but that is about it.

You can check out the announcement teaser here. And even though we didn’t get much info, there are a few things we can be certain of. The cast is most likely to stay the same, the staff may change but it is unlikely that any changes will be major. And of course, Mappa will be returning to animate the season.

That is all the news for now. So let’s move on to

What do I think?

First things first, a bit of speculation: I think we will see Hell’s Paradise sometime early next year. That is just an educated guess based on the timing of the announcement and how Mappa likes to do things. I don’t see it coming before Winer 2024 in any case though. But again, all of this is speculation and I may be wrong. As I mentioned earlier, the rest of the details can be kind of implied, the release date is the only we need to know, for now at least.

Release info aside, there are many reasons to be excited about this season. There is a lot of cool stuff coming and the plot started to really get into gear near the end of season 1. Now that the power structure of the island is revealed and we know our antagonists, the show can finally get more into the storytelling. Which is pretty exciting, I promise.

Hell's Paradise season 2 potential release date, cast, plot and everything  you need to know


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Hell’s Paradise Season 2 looks exciting. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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