Hellsing Ultimate – Anime Recommendation of the Week!

Oh yeah, I am getting to talk about this anime after a long time. Nakata Jouji rocks and Hellsing Ultimate has one of his best performances. His voice is so fitting for Alucard. Yes, I started the article off by talking about a VA, that is how much I like the guy. Don’t worry, I won’t fanboy over him for the entire article. I just love this anime man, it is awesome.

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So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series! This week we are taking a look at Hellsing Ultimate. Fair warning, this anime has a lot of blood. I have a lot to say so let’s just start right away!


So Hellsing Ultimate is based on the manga of the same name by Kohta Hirano. The manga is 92 chapters or 10 volumes long. As for the anime, it is made by 3 studios actually, Madhouse, Satelight, and Graphinica. It is 10 episodes long but each episode is like 50 minutes or more. There is also an old anime called just “Hellsing” but it is not worth watching, this one overshadows it in every single aspect.

Hellsing Ultimate is very much one of those cases in which you just go with the flow of the plot. The plot is decent don’t get me wrong but it is nothing spectacular. This is very much an anime known and defined by its hardcore action and fights. And because of how broken OP Alucard is.

Hellsing Ultimate
Alucard is crazy af, I love it


Hellsing Ultimate is basically about the titular organization, Hellsing which works to search and destroy all supernatural threats. The head of the organization is a lady called Integra and her ultimate weapon is Alucard. He is a battle-crazed vampire who works against his own kind because of certain reasons and takes great pleasure in it.

The plot in Hellsing Ultimate is very intentionally left-basic. This is an anime defined by its fights and violence. The plot exists and it has more depth than you may realize but the fact is almost no one watches this anime for the plot. I have to say though, the build-ups for a few fights in the anime are really well done.

Hellsing Ultimate: Alucard GIF | Gfycat


Alucard pretty much solo carries the show given how cracked he is but, the show is full of crazy people. Alucard is not everything that Hellsing Ultimate has to offer. One of my favorite characters definitely has to be Integra, she is crazy in her own right and I like how she tries to uphold her views in situations. Even Alucard likes testing her resolve again and again. Then there is Seras, a normal girl trapped between these crazy people, how long do you think she stays normal?

Animations and Soundtracks

Madhouse definitely went above and beyond for Hellsing Ultimate. Kohta Hirano has a very distinct art style and they managed to copy it really faithfully. Everything in this anime looks awesome, it is extremely well directed. The soundtracks are really good too, they sound really intimidating which is very fitting in the case of Alucard. And course, it is insane to see him go all out in the last few episodes.

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Why should you watch Hellsing Ultimate?

  • Rather shorts
  • Lots of fights
  • Great characters
  • Awesome animations and art style
  • Decent plot


Well, that is it for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I really like stuff from Kohta Hirano and Hellsing Ultimate is arguably his best work. I really love this series and you should check it out too. With that said, I will take my leave here. I am feeling really sleepy. See ya!!

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