Hyouka Author’s Novel, Shoushimin Series is Getting An Anime!

Key points for Shoushimin Series Anime News:

  • The Shoushimin Series, authored by Honobu Yonezawa, is set to receive an anime adaptation scheduled for the Summer 2024 season, premiering in July. The official website and a teaser PV have been released, providing insights into the main cast and staff.
  • The Shoushimin Series shares thematic similarities with Hyouka, as both involve characters with a penchant for deduction. However, unlike Hyouka’s focus on a single character, the Shoushimin Series follows two individuals attempting to lead normal lives while encountering mysterious events that challenge their deductive skills.
  • The anime’s art style, reminiscent of Hyouka, maintains a visual connection to the author’s previous work despite being produced by Lapin Track Studio. The familiarity in art style reinforces the connection between the two series and adds anticipation for this upcoming addition to the anime lineup in 2024.

This is another weird news story lol. So I don’t know how many people know but Hyouka, the anime by Kyoto Animation we all know and love came from a novel called “Koten-bu Series”. Yes, a proper novel, not a Light Novel. While the Koten-bu series is still technically ongoing (Hyouka was the name of the first book in the series, the series currently has 4 5 books) we never got a 2nd season for Hyouka. While the author’s other work, the Shoushimin series is getting an anime adaptation now. I am not complaining, because this series still has the same charm.

So yes, welcome back to another news article. I apologize for the lengthy introduction; it was kind of necessary to set up the background for this news. Today we are talking about the Shoushimin Series by Honobu Yonezawa! Let’s get started.

I love how similar the art style looks!

What do we know about the Shoushimin Series anime?

Well, surprisingly, there is a lot of info considering that this is only the initial announcement. First and foremost, the anime is coming out in the Summer 2024 season, more specifically in July. NBC Universal Entertainment opened an official website for the anime adaptation today and revealed a bunch of info. Shuuichirou Umeda and Hina Youmiya will be starring as the main duo of the series, Kobata and Osanai. The anime will be made by Lapin Track Studio where it will be directed by Mamoru Kanbe. He is well-known for how work on The Promised Neverland Season 1.

The plot for the Shoushimin Series is kinda similar to Hyouka. But instead of being about a single character solving mysteries, it is about 2 people who are addicted to deducing things, trying to be “normal”. But weird things keep happening around them forcing them to use their skills. So in a way, it is kind of the opposite of Hyouka in terms of the plot. You can check out the teaser PV for the anime here!

My Thoughts

I’m surprised by how similar the art style looks to Hyouka. Remember, these anime are based on a proper novel so they don’t have an “art style” of their own. So Hyouka’s instantly recognizable art style was kind of made by KyoAni. So a different studio being able to recreate this art style is kind of wild to me. I am not complaining though. Hammers home the point that both animes are by the same author. And of course, I look forward to this anime. Another anime to look forward to in this already stacked year.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. I am really looking forward to the Shoushimin Series anime. And yeah, see ya!!

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