Ignite Tutorials – Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Art 1

Ignite Tutorials: Hinata Hyuga

Want to learn how to put the pretty Hinata Hyuga to paper your own way? We’ll make its easier than you think?! 

Naruto has ruled our anime art loving hearts for as long as we can remember and one character who certainly secured a place in our memories is Naruto’s demurely beautiful waifu Hinata?. In fact, she keeps coming back like a beautiful memory to haunt us as we go about, often thinking about the anime in our day-to-day lives. Want to pay a tribute to this loyal waifu/fierce warrior/one of the most alluring women in the world of anime??

By: @artersa7 on Instagram

Hinata on Paper

Let’s start with a simple pencil sketch✏️. @artersa7 will help us here. As you will observe across all Hinata art, her ‘byakugan’ or her trademark white eyes?, her flowing hair, and her slender collar bones ? demand the most attention. @artersa7 draws Hinata from Part II of the anime where she sports waist length hair with occasional shoulder-length strands whipping her face. Get the shading in those and her huge white eyes right along with two lines for her collar bones and you have a Hinata sketch! Refer our shading tutorial for a complete round-about of different shading styles and light reflection techniques to try your hand at. Hinata also sports a zip-up jacket in the second part of Naruto so adding that little detail gives your drawing more resemblance to her complete form in Part II.

By: Shinigami Arts on YouTube

Once you master the basic Hinata, you can rise to an advanced level with much more (and actual) detailing in terms of shading and coloring. There is a very vividly popular Hinata art by Sakimi Chan that most artists have tried their hands at at least once. We found @mr_mangaka’s work really erudite?! Of course, he has added his own little touch to it to make the drawing “semi-realistic”. You can refer Shinigami Art’s tutorial where she demonstrates a complete speed paint of an exactly similar artwork. Our tip: slow down the video to 25x and pause it every 15 seconds. You’ll be able to trace the drawing step-by-step.

By: @mr_mangaka on Instagram

Also, check out tips for color shading in our shading tutorial. In this variant of Hinata, you’ll notice the special attention paid to her torso, her black forehead protector around the neck, and the black vest covering her fuller, womanly chest?. Do not hesitate to add your own touch to the drawing, as @mr_mangaka skillfully has. By adding the leaves ? and white dots to the final art, he gives the same drawing a mystical touch. Small details like these make your work stand out from the lot even if it is based on a fairly common character or a reference?.

Hinata Digital Art

By: mikeymegamega on YouTube

Don’t let your version of our pretty lady stick to paperwork alone! Tablets? are a great medium to draw a more sophisticated anime art bearing a closer resemblance to the anime itself. mikeymegamega’s “Draw with Mikey” featuring a Hinata digital art will take you by the hand through each and every inch of her body! Mikey brings to life Hinata in a fuller form?. Notice how he pays special attention to the character’s bust to waist to hip ratio in order to make her alluring to the eyes! We can also see his own touch in leaves flying around Hinata! Certainly, leaves? are an excellent detailing in your artistic tribute to the leaf princess herself!

By: Mayara Rodrigues on YouTube

So there you go! We’ve covered both drawing and coloring the basics of Hinata from head to toe…errr…hips?‍♂️. Throughout the anime and its movies, Hinata has been so nimble in her feature and form that she seems like a new character every time you try to draw a different version of her. Mayara Rodrigues draws Hinata in a more mature form, as she appears in “The Last: Naruto the Movie “. You’ll find the grown-up Hinata with longer hair and sharper jawlines looking more mature, donning a simple, light lavender colored kimono with vertical lines on it. Rodrigues adds her own touch to this art by adding the Hyuga clan’s symbol, a burning torch, next to Hinata?.

So which form of Hinata would you like to put to paper? And what will be your own little touch to it? Share with us?!  

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