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Love art as much as we do? Popular American artist Alyson Stoner empowered art the day she said, “Let the art speak for itself?”. Since then, lending an amorphous form to art has inspired a generation of artists to talk through their love for art to the world.

@art_by_mery is one of them ?‍?.

Curious to unveil some other secrets of such an amazing artist and her love for art, we scoured her Instagram wall for further answers. We were stunned?!

More than a hundred unique anime drawings adorned her Instagram account. If you’ve got a favorite anime character, just name it. Art_by_mery will have her artistic rendition of the character’s most desirable form to put forth?.

Is your favorite character from My Hero Academia? Well, you’re in for a bag of surprises?!

When you ask her to speak up about her art, she is not much up for words. Perhaps she is the traditional kind, those who worship art in its purest form  ?. This becomes apparent if you get to know that her love for art was fueled by her mother’s affliction for drawing when she was a child ?‍?.

Clearly, she shares a special bond with her mother, an ingredient we believe has brought this Hinata and Himawari sketch to life. The detailing in Hinata’s hair is simply breathtaking. The artist exhibits a keen eye for shadows and lines. She uses Copic Multiliners and Faber Castell Pencils ✏️ to achieve these.

~ Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia

There’s an Uraraka art on cardboard paper. The choice of colors is soft, yet the hair is bright enough to catch light in its layers and reflect them?‍♂️.

~ Froppy from My Hero Academia

Uraraka is closely accompanied by a Froppy art. @art_by_mery has drawn her in a frog-like pose?. The choice of healthy green and the pink tongue wallowing out of her mouth accentuates her frog quirk. The puddle of water in which she sits is a cherry on the detailing cake. With Uraraka and Froppy around, can Todoroki be far behind??

Todoroki with Glasses!

Though with Todoroki, you’re in for a surprise that will make you go weak in the legs. Our usually fierce Todoroki seems to be completely calm and composed, listening to music on his red earphones here?.The glasses complete this look we’d like to call “riding-back-home-on-the-bus” and make him appear a lot cuter?!

~ Quick Kacchan Sketch

@art_by_mery has tried to pull off the same look with a character who is usually a lot more grumpier, in pencil✏️(Our artist’s particular inclination towards pencilwork is inspired from @akitospencil and @artbyshinji. They are two other connoisseur of pencilwork art on Instagram. Katsuki Bakigo or Kacchan (as he is known amongst his friends) is looking cool with the earphones on, a striking contrast to his characteristic aggressive personality. We especially loved the way @art_by_mery did his hands? , making it almost human-like?!

~ Dabi from My Hero Academia

As much as she likes drawing several of Boku No Hero Academia’s characters, Dabi seems to be her personal favorite?. In this art, Dabi is seen surrounded by incinerating blue flames♨️, a hallmark of his fire quirk. The way these flames are emanating from his hands make it seem almost magical?! Further details to his turquoise eyes, messy hair, and his patchwork face make the drawing come alive. You can also see the smear of black charcoal work surrounding Dabi?.

~ Dabi from Boku no Hero Academia

This charcoal smear achieves a whole new level of consummation in yet another Dabi art that focuses more on Dabi’s appearance itself. Apart from the usual details, his ear piercings and the black smudges?  bump this art in the league of some of the best Dabi artworks on Instagram?.

~ Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist

Perhaps @art_by_mery has a knack for powerful masochistic anime characters?. Here is Rin Okumura from the anime Blue Exorcist surrounded by a flare of his trademark blue flames in his demon form♨️. With his elf-like pointed ears, his blue irises, and the blue flames emanating like horns from his messy jet-black hair and blazing about his shoulders and his sword, our artist has brought the demon’s child to life in his art?.

~ Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan

Speaking of powerful masculine characters, how can we miss out on Attack on Titan’s Eren?? The military jacket resting on his perfect muscular build and the abs protruding from his torso bring out his charisma?. Topped with his intense stare and the smoking pipe, Eren looks hot enough to make anyone drool over him?!

~ 10k Special Drawing!
(Silver/Grey/White Hair Characters)

@art_by_mery gave us a great moment when she captured some of anime’s favorite silver-haired boys?‍?‍?in a single frame. This was to commemorate her 10k followers!

We wish her many such milestones⛺️ to come and hope that she continues to spew such drool-worthy works of art for us?!

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