An Artists Explosion of Creativity on Instagram

An Artists Explosion of Creativity on Instagram

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Kanzaki Kaori
By: @nakata96x on Instagram

In March 2017, nakata96x, a part-time dabbler in art finally decided to take the plunge and set up her own Instagram page (@nakata96x). In creating it, and posting her eye-catching art, she has built a dedicated audience, and truly built a platform to express herself!? She was kind enough to speak with Team Ignite in regards to her thoughts on Anime Art, what she feels is most important when creating and posting artwork on Instagram, and advice for any other Artists who want to put their art out to the world.❤️❤️❤️ 

 It comes as a surprise for us to know that she wasn’t even a professional artist, as her art would have you believe now, in the begging. In fact, she was inspired by a plethora of many other artists like her and their pages on Instagram that to start a page of her own, on which she proudly mentions, “Art is an Explosion!”, today. ✍️?

True to her word, every bit of her mesmerizing art explodes with vivacity and the colors threaten to pull you into an anime world of their own. However, as exquisite as her art is, when asked about what inspires her to come up with such beautiful pieces of artwork, she found it difficult to place a finger on any one source of motivation. All she knew, she said, was that when she sees an anime character (which she sees in plenty, thanks to her hobby of watching all types of anime except yaoi and playing RPG games, JRPG, in particular), she is throttled by an indomitable will to put it to paper, “Whoa! I think I can draw this. No! It will be awesome if I can draw this.”. ?

Kurihara Mari
By: @Nakata96x on Instagram

And awesome it is. For when she brings these drawings to life, one can notice her close attention to lineart, shading, and the use of bright colors to highlight her character’s pronounced features. For instance, in her drawing replicating Kurihara Mari on the cover page of Prison School’s Volume 23, she brings out the blue in Mari’s eye to match with the highlights of her hair and the stripes on her prison vest. She outlines Mari’s sharp eyes, nose, a full lip, her full busts, and the tattoo on them and her arms very skilfully.

Uraraka Ochako
By: @nakata96x on Instagram

In a similar fashion, she has drawn Boku no Hero Academia’s darling Uraraka Ochako, complete with a petite, slender torso in her trademark skin-tight suit, her bobby brown hair (which she decided to color burgundy in her own style and it looks much better this way, we must say) matching with her thick eyebrows. The faint hint of a pink blush of joy on her cheeks is distinctly noticeable. 

nakata96x also humors fans occasionally with a quirky quote accompanying her art posts. But even as she requoted Shokugeki no Souma ‘s Alice’s famous cooking quote, not many might have noticed it beside the lovely image of a red-eyed, white-haired, Alice in her cream colored vest and a sliver of a white bang falling down her face. ?

Basujima Saeko
By: @nakata96x on Instagram

A similar post in a similar flavor highlights yet another fan favorite beauty-Basujima Saeko from HighSchool of the Dead. Fans could not stop gushing over the perfect angle at which she drew Saeko. With perfection in everything, from the way she’s shaded Saeko’s purple hair to its triangular fringe falling over her nose, her crystal blue eyes, her school uniform and her skirttruly bringing out this amazing Anime Character to life! ???

This is a perfect way to reminisce on an amazing Anime that was cut short too soon, as her long slender figure advances forward with katana in handadding a zestful energy to this art and making Saeko come to life. Is the art more beautiful than Saeko herself? We could not decide. ?

~Violet Evergarden
By: nakata96x on Instagram

And it is with this piece of art that one can surely congratulate nakata96x on mastering the three elements of anime drawing, in her words: lineart, shading, and color. However, she is still not ready to come up with an OC of her own, she tells us, particularly because of the special attention that needs to be paid to an OC’s body proportions. ?

In all her learning journey, her two cents to her fellow upcoming artists would be to keep practicing with a fixed set of goals in mind. Whenever you feel like giving up, she advises on recalling those very goals and why you started off in the first place. Once you realize this and find something that motivates you, you will break your limits and feel the great joy of achieving something you’ve worked really hard for, she says. ?


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