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Red Blood Cell By AnnaKumi on Instagram

“Cells at Work” is a one of a kind anime, for both anime and non-anime fans ?. It delivers exactly what it promises: human cells at work. So what exactly is so extraordinary about watching a boring bunch of biological entities at work ?? Read on to find out ?.

Did you know that the human body possesses 37 trillion cells?? And that, at this very moment, all of them are living with the common mission of keeping you hale and hearty? Welcome to the world of “Cells at Work”!  An urban environment hosting hundreds of different types of anthromorphized cells working hard to keep you functioning normally ?‍♂️.

~ Red Blood Cell

  By: @annakumo on Instagram

The AE3803 Red Blood Cell is one of the series’ main protagonists and her job is to deliver “goods”, oxygen and nutrients, to the different parts of your body ?. Using the Ibis Paint App, @annakumo has brought forth a striking depiction of the red-haired, Red Blood Cell. As cute as she is, she often fumbles around with her deliveries and loses her way around the plethora of blood vessels running about all over inside you ?. But don’t your worry. She’s dedicated to her job and does finally manage to complete what she’s started ?! You’ll fall in love with her ?!

~ Neutrophil

By: @nekoo_draw on Instagram

She doesn’t always do it alone though. The neutrophil (or the U-1146 White Blood Cell) often, unknowingly, comes to her rescue. @nekoo_draw’s tribute to our series’ second protagonist is minimalistically accurate! Apart from patrolling the blood vessels, he takes out any foreign cells invading your body ?. You’ll often find him smeared with blood stains due to this. He’s your hero ?!

~ Red Blood Cell and Neutrophil!

By: @yuukimura.sketch on Instagram

There is always a palpable air of adoration between these two and you can expect some burning chemistry between them in the near future ❤️.  It has already inspired some fan art, such as this pencil sketch by @yuukimura.sketch. They make a great team ?, don’t they?!

Our two main protagonists are backed by hundreds of other helper cells-the killer T-Cell, the hyper T-Cell, and the Natural Killer cells to name a few-in their mission to save the body from deadly viral invasions ?. Our heroes work hard, patrolling about with vigilance, and immediately come together to take down any foreign invasions ?.

~ Dabi Boku no Hero Academia feat. Cancer from Cells at Work

By: @todorokidrawings on Instagram

It was especially scary when they discovered a treacherous cell plotting about a massive usurp ?. Something as horrific looking such as this crossover art between Boku No Hero Academia’s Dabi and a boy with blood tearing out from his skin ?. @todorokidrawings brought to life one of the scariest diseases to have plagued mankind in her art, didn’t she?

The cancer cell had it all planned: proliferation, infiltration, and metastasis?. Thankfully, our heroes came together and took the parasite down. We don’t know if the cancer cell with be back anytime soon on not. But if it does, you can sleep in peace as long as your cells are doing their job ☺️!

~ Trombosit-Chan (Platelets)

By: @jerryart_ on Instagram

Or not, if you’re hurt and the wound brings about a blinding pain ?. Well, rest assured. That’s only because tiny little platelets are busy healing you. Under the leadership of the cute Platelet, hundreds of other tiny platelets are coagulating your blood. Clad in a khaki colored hat above waist length blonde hair, blue overalls, and boots too big for her size, this bouncy little kid takes away your heart ?! She’s the only thing in the anime cuter than our Red Blood Cell ?! Needless to say, she stirs the heart of a lot of anime artists. @jerryart_ is just one of them but his flawless pencil shading makes it one of the best art pieces of the Platelet out there!

Written by Akane Shimizu and adapted to TV by David Productions, “Cells at Work” has already completed its 13-episode first season on September 30, 2018. Going by the wide acclamation it has received from anime fans, parents, and even school teachers, you can expect it to announce the second season soon. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt to take all that biological knowledge in once again, would it? This time, it’ll be the anime way, of course ?!

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