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Evergreen fantom.art’s work is impeccable.
Violet Evergarden
By: @fantom.arts on Instagram

Kyoto Animation studio hits the media again with a thrilling anime series called Violet Evergreen ?. It premiered on January 10, 2018, via Netflix and credits go to the show’s director and screenplay writer, Taichi Ishidate and Reiko Yoshida respectively. However, the original author was Kana Akatsuki who released the final copy as a Japanese light novel series.

Ignite Artist Spotlight

February 27th, 2018

The 14-episode animation revolves around “auto memory dolls” that were created by Dr. Orland to help his blind wife, Mollie, write her novels. He also rented them out to people interested in their services. Lateranother group of people formed a company that modified Orlando’s original work to include beautiful women with the ability to execute military-related tasks. When war leaves the continent of Telesis divided into two (North and South), the remaining survivors welcome a new generation.  

A young girl, Violet Evergarden (formerly known as the weapon) becomes fascinated by the living dolls and begins a new journey as an auto memory doll. Without the daunting memories of the battlefield, she settles on a mission to learn the meaning of the words “I love you” whispered by her superior during his final moments. Apart from offering a rousing experience to fans, the anime series is an inspiration to artists across the world. ???

On social media platforms, people are posting outstanding pieces of art to appreciate the fine work done by Kyoto Studios!

Violet Evergarden
By: @sweettchann on Instagram

Sweetchann’s sketch captures Violet’s sad state. Despite the lack of coloring, the piece is neatly presented with a dull mood to project the message intended for viewers?

Adding color magnifies the arts mood. The close-up view of the young girl reveals unshed tears.  The golden stripe at the left side of her hair is a unique touch. 

Violet Evergarden
By: @otaku.arts on Instagram

Otaku.arts presents Evergarden reading a piece of paper. From her slightly parted lips, one can only assume she does not want to miss a thing. The artist has captured a reflection of light on the pendant and her face. ?

Violet Evergarden
By: @amyw_art on Instagram

amyw_art’s work is unique. The big blue eyes blend well with the sketch. The lovely piece shows a scared Violet without her usual neck-length attire. Every line is neatly drawn to reveal Evergarden’s features including hair, collarbone, and neck. Even the clothe’s creases outline her posture from the slightly-risen shoulder. 

The pink patches blend well with the dark shade visible towards her left hand while the lighting changes the tone. Instead of seeing scared girl, the artist presents a shy yet content Violet.  ?

By: @yoake.chan on Instagram

yoake.chan’s close-caption is spectacular. The smiling young girl is dashing. Apart from presenting neat work, the artist has a fine hand in capturing the eyes with a side glance. ?

The above posts represent a taste of pure talent from various artists across the globe. By using Violet’s character, her cheerful, shy, and mysterious nature is brought to light. However, the series reveal more sides about her than a single art can accommodate. The world is eager to see her killer moves or miserable moments. Can you succeed in dazzling art fans with such a piece?

Watch Violet Evergarden on Netflix and test your skills. Art is more than a drawing; sometimes the message maybe hidden or in plain sight but each piece has a meaning. The posts above may have a similar face but each is unique in one way or the other.???

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