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Can you even put to paper Megumin from KonoSuba ?? Her mischievous smile ? and the unprecedented way in which she goes “Explosion!”. Even as her nimble figure staggers to keep her feet firm on the ground??

These artists have tried to bring our beloved Megumin from the hit anime KonoSuba to life in their own little ways. If you wish to learn how to put Megumin’s nimble form to paper, refer to Seiji Senpai’s “Drawing Megumin” tutorial. He starts with a basic body form for a sleek female body donning a hat. Remember, the hat is an essential part of Megumin’s overall form ??.

Then, he details her skirt and the shirt ?. Finally, he completes the drawing by adding Megumin’s cloak? and her hat?. Get the cloak and the hat right and you’ve nailed Megumin. With a solid black outline using a black Copic, you can seal the deal with the drawing part✏️??.

~ Anime Coloring Tutorial Using Color Pencils (Konosuba)

By: Fanluke Art on YouTube

Next, Fanluke Art has devised a step-by-step guide on filling every inch of Megumin’s agile little form with colors?️‍?. She adds a human element to Megumin’s skin. Even as she uses darker shades such as beige, peach, and pink towards the outside. It also lightens the tone with a cream and light pink ? towards the insides.

For her hair, Fanluke Art plays with a blend of black and grey to get a shade she fondly calls, “70% cool grey.” You can further blend this with white for a better light effect. A different part of the hair she colors in chocolate brown, a mixture of generous black and rich brown while endowing the highlights in this section with some light brown??. She follows suit for Megumin’s clothes? and her cloak as well ?.

Basically, she advises you keep it light in the shiny, highlighted part of the streaks of her hair. This maintains the light effect ?. Choose a lighter shade of the color you use to fill the rest of the area, say grey for black✒️. You get the bottom line here: blend dark and light shades of the chosen colors to create the highlight effect??.

~ Drawing Megumin – Konosuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

By: @Seiji Senpai

Once you get the basics right, @dhonis_arts_ teaches you how to add props of detailing??? against a fitting background to your Megumin art. After all, what good is our beloved witch without her staff? and her “Explosion Effect”???? If you look closely, @dhonis_arts_ has paid a lot of attention to the coruscating red background to bring to life the explosion. She’s specially made sure that the two large buttons?? on Megumin’s hat and her staff stand out in the picture. The addition of Chomsuke, the black cat ? takes detailing in the picture a notch higher.  For what is a witch without her cat ??

~ Megumin (KonoSuba) – Fanart Speedpaint on SAI

By: Fhilippe124 on YouTube

Digital artists can follow the same set of rules ?. As illustrated by Fhilippe124 on Paint Tool SAI, you can draw Megumin with the same technique as illustrated above, with major emphasis on the props such as her hat and her staff. Fhilippe124 fills her entire form with grey first☁️☁️☁️ and then adds the desired shades in appropriate places, making it easy to work with highlighted contours. She sprays Megumin about with a golden glimmer using the “Brush Tool”?️ and adds red color sparks to complete the magical touch in the art.

Be it digital or on paper, why don’t you draw your own version of this fan favorite character and showcase your work to us????!

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