Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 More Details Announced!

Key points for The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 news:

  • I’ve got the scoop on The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3, sharing details about the staff, cast, and the anticipated release window in Spring 2024.
  • I strongly suggest checking out the Reminiscence arc special episode before diving into Season 3. It’s a prequel that lays the foundation for Tatsuya and Miyuki’s relationship.
  • Despite the series having its critics, I personally enjoy The Irregular at Magic High School. For me, it’s a great show to unwind and revel in the action. Hoping Season 3 brings back that Season 1 magic!

To no one’s surprise, Season 3 of The Irregular at Magic High School was confirmed pretty much right after the special episode aired. What was surprising though was the fact that this anime went quiet for so long after that. It has been months since the special episode Reminiscence arc aired. And we are only getting an update on Season 3 all this time later. Regardless, we are finally here though. And we also have a release window to make up for all that.

Also, I strongly recommend watching the Reminiscence arc special episode before this season. The Reminiscence arc is a prequel and gives us the basis of Tatsuya and Miyuki’s relationship. And if I remember correctly, this upcoming arc will focus on the Shiba family in general. So watching that special episode will help out a lot.

With all that said though. Let’s finally talk about the good stuff. Welcome back to another news article. And today we are talking about The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3! Let’s get started!

What do we know about The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3?

The official website of the anime recently revealed the staff and cast for Season 3 along with a new trailer that features the opening theme for the season. The anime will once again be directed by Jimmy Stone at 8bit Studios. There are no major changes to the staff or cast of the series. Houchuu Ootsuka will be replacing Matomu Kiyokawa as the voice of Retsu Kudou and Kikunosuke Toya and Tatsumaru Tachibana will be joining the cast as well.

Lisa is returning to perform the opening theme “Shouted Serenade” for the season. As mentioned earlier, the opening theme is featured in the new trailer. You can check out the trailer here! Last but not least, the anime is scheduled for a premiere in the Spring 2024 season so sometime in the month of April.

That covers all the news for now. Let’s move on to

My Thoughts

Look, I know the series has its issues and it doesn’t appeal to everyone and whatnot. But man, I enjoy it. I think it is a good show to just put aside your brain and enjoy. The world-building and plot are sometimes good but I am mostly there for all the crazy action. And to see just how busted Tatsuya can be and him insulting his opponents in both fighting and mental capacity. Season 2 for me didn’t hit the same as Season 1 but I am hoping that Seaosn 3 hits hard. And looking at the plot summary of the related LN volumes, I think we are in for a treat.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. That is all for now, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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