Is there a Manga School? Here are Japans Top Programs

Is there a Manga School Here are Japans Top Programs

Anime and manga have gone far beyond the hobby. Today people from all over the world are pursuing the manga art industry as a career. Being the origin of manga and anime, Japan has more than one manga school.

Every year many students fly over to Japan to get themselves enrolled in one of the Manga schools. The reason students prefer to study manga in Japan is the educational supremacy and the hands-on experience. Unlike many universities, Japanese Manga schools teach manga, provide language classes, and encourage students to learn outside the classroom.

Here is a list of 5 top institutes in Japan that are teaching manga

For someone who wants to study manga in detail, the Kyoto Seika University of Japan is one of the top universities in the whole world. The university is a private institute with a separate school for manga. The fee for an undergrad program is 1.75 million JPY.

The university enrolls students from all over the world. Whether you want to study Bachelor’s, Masters or do Ph.D. in manga animation, Kyoto Seika University offers them all. The manga school is known for its teaching faculty and quality of education.

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One of the best universities in Japan to study manga is the Nihon Manga Gakuin, also known as the Japan Manga Institute. The fee for looking at Japan Manga Institute range between 450,000 JPY to 1,500,000 JPY.

What makes this manga school stands out among the others is the quality of education. With seven faculties and 35 departments, the school provides its students with an excellent study and life balance.

So, the students can learn anime and manga under the best teaching faculty and ace their manga career with flying colors.

Speaking of Japan’s most prominent animation institution, Yoyogi animation school or Yoyogi Animation Gakuin comes at the top. The institute has 12 different campuses scattered all over the main city of Japan.

Yoyogi is not only the best manga school in Japan, but it is known for its education all over the globe. With high education quality, the university has strict criteria for enrollment. Also, the applicants must speak and understand the Japanese language.

If you are looking for an anime/manga school that takes national and international students, the Sapporo College of Anime is an excellent choice. You can apply to any course offered at the university as long as you have a high school degree. You can do manga, comic illustration, anime songs, animation, or prominent voice actors.

The last manga school on our list is the College of International Design. This institute is considered one of the top animation schools in Japan. The school offers standardized and quality courses on animation, including manga and anime.

What’s unique about this manga school is that they offer a two-year program and three years of distance learning programs. Furthermore, the College of International Design also provides specialized education not just limited to the classroom.

Studying manga from the best of the best is a dream of every manga fan. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered in one of the top Japan Manga schools and turn your passion into an absolute career path.

So, do you think it is worth studying manga from a school? Have you learned manga from anywhere or practiced it on your own? Let us know in the comment section!

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