Iseleve – First Impressions

Key takeaways from Iseleve First Impressions:

  • Iseleve is a subversion of the isekai genre, as it involves a door that leads to another world instead of death or reincarnation.
  • The physical abilities the MC gains in the isekai carry over to the real world, which is an interesting concept that has the potential for world-building.
  • While the animation is average, the art style and character/monster designs are appealing. The concept of the anime is creative and has the potential to be a really good series if executed well.

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Before I even begin, let me clarify that Iseleve is a synonym for “I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too”. Yeah, that is way too long of a title. No wat I am writing that over and over again. So the short form will have to do lol. Now, this anime is a pretty interesting subversion of the isekai genre and I think it has potential.

So welcome back to another first impressions article, today we are talking about Iseleve. I decided to check this anime out on a whim. And while it is kind of what you’d expect from the title, it is interesting too. I will go over why this is the case. So let’s just get started.

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What do I think of Iseleve so far?

So right off the bat, this anime is pretty different from a normal isekai. No one dies in this anime, there is no summoning, reincarnation, or anything like that. The isekai is literally across a special door in the MC’s house. The MC’s grandfather was apparently the person who built the door. We don’t have an explanation for “how” yet; I don’t think we will get on either. But that is fine, that is not the point of this anime. Well, I am purely judging based on the events of episode 1 though.

Now, this is pretty cool though because the physical abilities the MC gains in the isekai, do carry over to our world. Very curious to see how they will carry over this interesting pattern in the future. We don’t have a lot of explanations yet but if this anime does a little bit of world-building, it has the potential to be a really good isekai. I really like what they did with the isekai concept in this show.

Talking about animations, the animations themselves are pretty average. The art style on the other hand though is really really good. The character and monster designs, even the attire designs, and stuff like that really appealed to me. The opening and ending themes were pretty good too.


That is all for now. I really do think Iseleve has the potential to be different from an average isekai. So I will stick to the series, and see how it goes. The concept behind this anime is creative in my opinion and if the execution is right, this anime can be really really good. Or at the very least, it will be a fun show to watch if nothing else. You let me know what you think in the comments though. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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