Jogo vs. Sukuna was Awesome! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for Best Episodes of the Week – Fall 2023, Week 7

  • Jogo vs. Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen stood out with pure chaos, destruction, and Sukuna’s nonchalant enjoyment, making it a highlight of the week.
  • Frieren Episode 10 delivered a deep dive into Frieren’s past, exploring her resentment toward demons and showcasing the strategic use of suppressed Mana in her battles.
  • Ragna Crimson Episode 7 depicted Ragna’s intense anger-driven fight against Ultimatia, revealing the origin of Ranga’s Silverine powers and the unique nature of his body composition.
  • The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 6 brought intrigue with Alpha’s short but intense fight with Shadow, and unexpected plot twists, adding depth to the series.

I would like to that this week was a little on the quieter side but nah man, the 4 episodes that made it onto this list were just amazing. As much as I like to throw shade at Mappa for how they conduct business, their quality of work is undeniable. The episode was pretty crazy even before that but Jogo vs. Sukuna just made the 2nd half of the episode go completely off the rails and it was glorious.

Not just that, but we also had Frieren being based as hell in her fight against She pulled off the gamer line on Aura LOL. Then we had the awesome fight between Shadow and Alpha in The Eminence in Shadow. And lastly, we had Ragna dealing strong emotional damage to Ultimatia in Ragna Crimson.

Even though Jogo vs. Sukuna was the highlight of the week, we have plenty of other awesome stuff to talk about. So welcome back to another Best Episodes of the Week article, this is the 7th week of the Fall 2023 Season, and here are my favorite episodes from the week!

Frieren episode 10

It is the birth of Frieren the Gamer LOL

In this episode, we got a cool little backstory about how Frieren met Flamme and why she holds such strong resentment toward demons. As Flamme says, demons are nothing but monsters who can speak. As such Flamme teaches Frieren to suppress her Mana at all times to trick demons. Apparently, that is a no-go as magic is considered a proud practice. But just as Flamme said, it works wonders against demons.

I love how much depth fights in this anime have. Every action has a reason behind it. Frieren has gotten so used to keeping her Mana suppressed that, this state has become natural to her and she can do it without affecting her spells. Aura thinks that Frieren used up her Mana only to be caught off-guard and get ordered to self-terminate by Frieren. That scene was so freaking cool.

Ragna Crimson Episode 7

Another backstory-heavy episode but we finally know now how Ranga’s Silverine powers originated and why his body composition is so unique. But unlike the previous one, there was nothing sophisticated about Ragna and Ultimatia’s fight. It wasn’t even a fight. It was Ragana owning Ultimatia and her subordinates, driven purely by anger. Ragna is literally too angry to die. Ragna’s body was crumbling under his own power. His sheer anger kept him going. That is how strong his hatred against dragons is.

Ultimatia reverses time on herself again and again to repair the damage, it doesn’t work. She rewinds the whole world state and stops time, it doesn’t work. Ragna starts moving in the stopped time (the reason is explained in the flashback). She is so shocked by this that she pretty much has an anxiety attack right there. The only thing that stopped Ragna was his own body. The episode was 20 minutes of pure joy and fun. I know Ultimatia is batshit insane. But this episode almost made you feel bad for her. Almost.

The Eminence in Shadow season 2 episode 6

Man, I really do feel bad for Alpha, she is pretty much being betrayed by her boss, someone she cares about a lot. And Shadow being Shadow, explains nothing to her. He didn’t even tell her about Delta and that she is alive. Well, I guess his response “I sent her far away” isn’t completely wrong but it is rather misleading. Either way, the subsequent fight we get between him and Alpha is short but it is awesome as hell.

I like how Alpha almost instantly recognizes that she is fighting Shadow just based on his fighting style even though he wasn’t using his usual sword. Also, I didn’t expect to learn about inflation in The Eminence of Shadow so the plot side of the episode was pretty cool as well, We also got the backstory for Gettan and Yukime in this episode. Makes sense why Yukime wants to kill him herself. Great episode overall, and it was really fun to watch as well.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 16

This would have been a good episode even if it just had Megumi vs. Touji in it. The ending to their fight was really shocking. I love how clueless Megumi was after the end of the fight. As he had no idea that Touji was his father. As much as I loved the encounter between them, the obvious highlight of the episode was definitely Jogo vs. Sukuna. Megumi vs. Touji was very layered, with counterattacks, strategies, and a lot of thinking involved on Magumi’s part as he tried to make an opening to strike.

Jogo vs. Sukuna had none of that. It was just pure chaos with Jogo going all out, destroying buildings and whatever stood in his path. And Skuna being the chad he is, was just taking all of that in, Letting Jogo go out and testing his strength. Jogo was giving it his all, fighting for his life and Sukuna was enjoying the show. And just to be more disrespectful, Sukuna ended Jogo with a fire-based technique; no Cleave or anything. It was chaotic, it was fun and it was glorious. Amazing episode. And the episode looked really good as well.

That is all for now!

So yeah those were my favorite episodes from the week. All 4 of these episodes were bangers and I am sure you guys had fun watching them as well. Let me know what your favorite episodes were from this week. The aftermath of all these episodes should be fun to see next week. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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