JoJo Part 9: The JoJoLands Confirmed!

And JoJo keeps on going and going. This series began all the way back in 1986, can you believe it? And of course, it has gotten progressively weirder in terms of plot and style over time. Part 8 was really the pinnacle of weirdness with characters merging into one and bite marks… yeah, long story. But, not only do we have confirmation that JoJo Part 9: The JoJoLands will be coming, but we also got a release date.

So welcome back to another one of my articles. Let’s talk about JoJo Part 9: The JoJoLands today. We did get a good bit of info… well, as much as you can get about a manga anyway. Cause you know, there is no staff or PV or stuff like that to talk about. But still, let’s get started. I will get to my thoughtsΒ afterΒ the news. Let’s go.

No, I am not explaining the context behind this.

What do we know about JoJo Part 9?

JoJo Part 8: JoJolion ended back in August 2021 and the final volume shipped in September 2021. We didn’t hear a thing from Araki after that for a while until now. In the January 2023 issue of the Ultra Jump Magazine, which came out yesterday, it was announced that JoJo Part 9: The JoJoLands will start serialization in that magazine from February 17th, 2023!

That is all we heard for now. Like Part 8, JoJo Part 9 also looks to be a monthly serialization as it will be coming out in Ultra Jump. I wonder how long it will take Araki to finish this one. Cause it almost took a decade to finish JoJolion. That said though, let’s move on to my thoughts on it.

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My Thoughts on JoJo Part 9

Oh boy, where do I even start? First of all, I have no idea what to even expect. JoJo is JoJo, no matter what you expect, Araki will do what he likes. JoJolion is proof of that lol. But you know, after reading JoJolion I have to wonder how much moreΒ wildΒ JoJo Part 9 will be. As I said in the beginning, JoJolion was nutty as hell. With all the bite marks, weird ass stand powers, and stuff. I still remember how crazy some of the stands are, from Part 6 onwards. Or Part 5 onwards should I say?

In Part 7, we had our rehash of Johnatthan Joestar, Johny. In Part 8, we had our rehash of Josuke. So I think Part 9 will have a rehash of either Jotaro or Giorno. Not Jolyne cause Part 6 is where the shit really went down, so I don’t think the story will reach that point again yet. But, it is JoJo, no one can really say what will happen. Maybe Araki will pull a new character out or something, I have no idea. I am just grasping straws here.

There is a dio shadow pose in part 7 : r/ShitPostCrusaders


Well, that is all for now. I really do look forward to JoJo Part 9. I am pretty sure it will be wild and weird as hell; that’s the charm of JoJo though so yeah, should be fun. Let me know what you think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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