JoJoLands – How Good is Part 9 So Far?

Key takeaways from JoJoLands first impressions:

  1. The article introduces Jodio Joestar, the protagonist of JoJo Part 9. Jodio is described as a cool character with relatable dreams of becoming wealthy. Speculation is made about his connection to DIO from Part 7.
  2. JoJoLands follows Jodio’s mission to steal a diamond from Rohan Kishibe, a character from a previous part. The mention of mysterious lava rocks and their significance is hinted at. Current references like Dua Lipa, the pandemic, and Breaking Bad are noted.

Review: 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' - 'Jojolands' #001: Mechanism

As the title of the series suggests, JoJo is truly bizarre. And this weird factor goes up a little in every single part. A series that started with a big muscular guy trying to kill a gay vampire has evolved into something much, much weirder over time.

Part 5: Golden Wind is probably my 2nd favorite JoJo part ever. So when I heard Part 9 will be a reboot of Part 5, I was really happy. Suffice it to say, JoJoLands has not disappointed me so far.

So welcome back to an unusual article. Today we will be talking about JoJo Part 9: The JoJoLands. I may convert this article into a series down the line, dropping in every few months to talk about what happened. But, let’s get into this one for now, I will be talking about some things that happened in Chapter 4 of Part 9 so continue only if you’ve read the latest chapter. Let’s start

JOJOLands, Chapter 2 - JOJOLands Manga Online

What do I think of JoJoLands so far?

Jodio Joestar

First of all, I really like Jodio as a character. He is the cool kid we once dreamed of being but he also has a level of depth to his character as he genuinely cares about his brother and mother. He has the most relatable dream of all time: to become filthy rich, His father is currently unknown but come on, he is literally named ‘Jo-DIO’ and this is a part 5 reboot. Even if it is not DIO (from Part 7) himself, it could be one of his descendants or something.

I like how Jodio is an antithesis of Giorno while still being similar to him. Kinda shows how much Araki’s idea of a main character has evolved over the years.


Moving on to the plot, it started out fairly simple. Jodiio accepts a job to steal a diamond from a Japanese man. As you may guess, things don’t go down that smoothly. Things get really weird when the Japanese guy turns out to be none other than Kishibe freaking Rohan. Yep, Araki’s self-insert mangaka is back. All alternate universe characters are somewhat different than their originals but Rohan is the same for some reason. Even has the same stand lol.

The JOJOLands Chapter 2: Jodio's Stand Unleashed! Plot & Release Date

In chapters 3-4, we are also introduced to these mysterious lava rocks and we learn that the diamond they wanted to steal is no ordinary diamond. Rohan was doing some kind of research on the lava rocks apparently and they’re seemingly not normal either, We are still in the prologue part of the manga so these rocks and the diamond will probably become an important plot device later moving forward.

Also, I love how current the story feels. JoJoLands mentions Dua Lipa, the pandemic, and certain cop issues I refuse to comment on, as it is not my place. The Breaking Bad references though, are hilarious and very well done.

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That is all I got for now. Let me know what you guys think of JoJoLands so far in the comments. For me, I think Part 9 has one of the best introduction sequences in the series so far. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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