Jump Festa 2024 – All The MAJOR Announcements from the Show!

Key points for Jump Festa 2024 highlights:

  • One Piece Remake by WIT Studio: Unexpected announcement of a One Piece remake starting from the East Blue Saga, potentially covering all available material. Big news for the community.
  • Chainsaw Man: Reze-arc Movie: The continuation of the Chainsaw Man anime revealed as a movie for the Reze-arc. Mappa’s involvement sparks some controversy. Teaser released.
  • Bleach TYBW Part 3: Excitement for Bleach fans with the announcement of Part 3. The new trailer promises amazing content, including anime-original material. A thrilling time for Bleach enthusiasts.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Ending in 2024: Surprising news of Jujutsu Kaisen manga coming to an end in 2024. Speculation arises about the unpredictable conclusion given recent chaotic developments in the series.
  • Blue Box Manga Adaptation: Blue Box, a romance manga, receives attention with a new trailer at Jump Festa. Despite being different from typical shounen, it gains recognition for its impressive sales and upcoming anime adaptation.
  • My Hero Academia Season 7: Confirmation of Season 7 for My Hero Academia, along with a new movie announcement. Anticipation for how the anime will handle the current manga arc, especially considering mixed reactions from fans.

Look, I planned on covering every single announcement from this event. But, I am very sorry there’s just too much stuff to cover. And I have my exams next week, so I don’t have that time. But, I had to make an article about Jump Festa 2024 because I cannot ignore a big event like this and I can’t screw y’all over either. So I arrived at a compromise. I will cover all the major announcements from the show instead. There were a lot of big announcements and this article will serve as a highlight for the show.

So yes, welcome back to another news article. Today we will be highlighting all the major announcements from Jump Festa 2024. This article will still be rather long because of the sheer number of announcements made at the event. So strap in, we got a lot to look forward to next year.

One Piece Remake

Let’s start with probably the biggest announcement of the event. Absolutely no one expected One Piece to get a remake, let alone the fact that it is being made by a big studio like WIT. But here we are. It is real and it will be starting from the East Blue Saga and possibly going on to cover all of the available material after that. We didn’t get a lot but just this much alone was enough to send shockwaves through the community. This remake could pave the road for One Piece to get the respect it has always deserved finally. Check out the announcement trailer here!

Chainsaw Man: Reze-arc Movie

This was one of the less surprising announcements. We all knew Chainsaw Man anime would continue. I just don’t think a lot of people expected this to be a movie instead. Either way, we are getting a movie for the Reze-arc sometime next year. This is one of the best arcs of the series and a movie budget will help it a LOT. And as with all things Mappa, it has already drawn some controversy. But this is not the place to talk about that. Check out the teaser here!

Bleach TYBW Part 3

Personally, I am the most excited for this anime next year. Part 3 was already announced but the new trailer we got was just amazing. It kind of spoils a lot of the upcoming stuff but I am sure the anime will somehow manage to subvert our expectations. Part 3 and Part 4 are sure to have a lot more new, anime original content compared to the previous parts so I am very excited about those. Feels good to be a Bleach fan, man. Check out the new trailer here!

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga to End in 2024

Again, this is a pretty surprising announcement. We knew that the end of the series was near after all the stuff that had been going on. But I don’t think anyone expected it to be this close. I don’t think anyone can even imagine what the ending is going to be like given how chaotic the series has become over recent months. The cover for the upcoming volume 25 was revealed as well but that’s about it.

Blue Box

Blue Box got a new trailer in the event as well. If you are wondering why I included this manga along with big shounen like these, let me tell you that Blue Box has been one of the best-selling shounen manga recently. Yes, that is how big this romance manga is. So it finally getting an anime adaptation is a big deal. We still don’t have a release window for the anime yet but it will likely be late next year. You can check out the new trailer for Blue Box here! The animations look amazing and I hope that this quality carries over actual release as well.

My Hero Academia Season 7

Again, not really surprising. Season 7 was announced pretty much as soon as Season 6 ended and it is only fitting that we get a new trailer and things like that for the anime in an event like Jump Festa 2024. The anime is also getting a new movie too. More than the movie though, I am kind of excited about Season 7. I know a lot of people aren’t happy with how this arc has been going in the manga and I want to see if the anime will make any efforts to change that. Either way, you can check out the new trailer here.

Hell’s Paradise Season 2

Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have an official confirmation for this anime till Jump Festa 2024. Yes, this was the first time that Hell’s Paradise Season 2 was announced in an official capacity. It wasn’t announced immediately after Season 1 like the sequels for most anime of this stature. Either way, happy to have official confirmation, this anime has a lot of potential I can’t wait to see more of it. We only have a key visual right now but we should get more info on it in the coming months.

That is all for now!

See? That was a large article and I only covered like 6 or 7 announcements from the event that I thought were important. Again, I do apologize that I couldn’t cover all of them but these are the highlights of the whole event pretty much. Regardless, let me know what you guys think in the comments about Jump Festa 2024 and I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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