Junk Food Anime?

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  • Junk food anime are easily enjoyable, instantly entertaining shows that can be picked up at any episode, similar to how junk food provides instant gratification.
  • Grand Blue, KonoSuba, Gintama, The Eminence in Shadow, Fairy Tail, and Demon Slayer are highlighted as prime examples of junk food anime, offering a mix of comedy, action, and appealing visuals.
  • The term “junk food” is not derogatory; these anime can have depth but are praised for their accessible, surface-level enjoyment and entertainment value.

Before I even begin, no I am not using the term “junk food” as an insult. No, quite the contrary, in fact. Because, unlike actual junk food, junk food anime will not affect your health. By that term, I mean anime that almost everyone can enjoy, easily pick up, and have fun with it, just like junk food. Sometimes, you can even pick random episodes of such anime and still have fun.

And no, this will not be a list full of shonen titles. That is an easy way out and I refuse to take that. I do have two of them here but the rest 4 or 5 anime I’ll talk about are not Shonen. Also, tons of anime fit this category of easy-to-pick-up and instant enjoyment. I can’t list all of them here, of course. So I will only talk about 5 or 6 anime that I think represent this category the best. And once again, I don’t mean to say that any of these anime aren’t deep, just that they are really good for surface-level enjoyment as well. So let’s start.

What do I consider Anime Junk Food?

Two anime immediately jumped to my mind when I thought about the idea of this list. Grand Blue and KonoSuba. I could pick any single episode from either of these shows and spend the next 20 minutes laughing as loud as I can. Carrying this a little forward, I could say the same for Gintama as well. Gintama isn’t suited for people new to anime, unlike the previous two but Gintama gives you the enjoyment of both awesome action and comedy rolled into one hell of a package that the animators clearly had a lot of fun making.

Carrying Gintama’s meme legacy forward, we have The Eminence in Shadow. It does have a lot more depth than your average isekai since it is a parody and deconstruction of the genre. But at the same time, you can just put your head aside and let this anime entertain you. Once again, this anime gives you that awesome mixture of comedy and action. Again, it is not really suited for people new to anime but if you have watched a lot of isekais before, you will surely enjoy this. Highest by OxT plays in the background.

There are two shonen that I consider to be some of the best junk food anime out there. These two are Fairy Tail and Demon Slayer. Fairy Tail speaks for itself. Its story makes no sense but you know put it all aside and be swept away by the power of friendship. Demon Slayer is the perfect anime for people new to the genre. It has just the right amount of depth and plot to draw and hook new viewers in. The animation quality and the fantastic OST are a bonus on top of that. This is why Demon Slayer is as popular as it is.

That is all for now!

I am saying this for the 3rd time. The term Junk Food is not meant as an insult. And I am not saying that these mentioned anime have no depth to them. It is just that these anime are perfect for some instant entertainment and you will have fun regardless of what episode you pick in most of these. That is all for now though, let me know your junk food anime in the comments. See ya!

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