Kaguya-Sama, Anime Recommendation of the Week!

Article at a glance:

  • Kaguya-sama thrives on its character development, offering a small but impactful cast with compelling arcs that elevate the rom-com genre.
  • While delivering laughs aplenty, the anime handles serious character arcs with sensitivity, never undermining their importance amidst the comedy.
  • From unforgettable opening themes to fluid animations, Kaguya-sama boasts a stellar soundtrack and visual quality that enhances its overall charm.

Man, I really needed something like Kaguya-sama to chill out this week. Dear lord this week was rough. Personal issues aside which were just resolved today, there was some Microsoft-related stuff that really infuriated me. I canceled my Gampass subscription because of it. But that is not the topic of this article. I needed something to make me forget all that and I rewatched the perfect anime for it.

Not only is Kaguya-sama a great comedy, with tons of references and self-aware jokes, but it is also one of the best romance animes with charming characters and palpable character growth. There is a reason why all 3 seasons of this anime are among the highest-rated animes on MAL. So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series, you know what we are talking about so let’s just get started.


Kaguya-sama: Love is War is based on the manga of the same name by Akasaka Aka. Yes, the same author as Oshi no Ko. He went from this to Oshi no Ko, quite the change in genres, right? Anyways, the manga is 281 chapters or 28 volumes long. As for the anime, it has 3 seasons of 12/13 episodes made by A1 Pictures and a follow-up movie to Season 3.


Well, as with all rom-coms or slice-of-life animes, there is little to say about the plot. The plot basically boils down to two people who really like each other but don’t want to confess because of their pride. So they try their best to make the other person confess first. That is it. It is a mostly character-driven story so the plot itself is nothing special. What truly makes this anime remarkable is how the characters are handled.

I will provide no context for this.


This anime is full of amazing characters with quirky personalities. The anime has a small cast but it sticks to the cast and gives them so much time to shine that the small cast becomes its strength. Chika is probably the least developed character among the main cast but at the same time, she is the most fun-to-watch character in the show. Her interactions with everyone are funny and entertaining as hell. While someone like Ishigami on the other hand has a whole arc focused on self-improvement and learning to connect with people again.

Miko’s arc is similar but kind of the opposite of Ishigami’s. And it is amazing how our main duo of Kaguya and Miyuki play important roles in the growth of both Miko and Ishigami. Goes without saying, the main duo gets the best character development. Their slow-burn romance is well done. Their interactions, be it just the two of them or with others are so fun to watch. It is some of the best character work I have seen in a romance anime and despite the serious nature of things like these, the anime is still funny. But it never makes fun of these serious arcs.

Animations and Soundtracks

All 3 opening themes of this anime are iconic. Masayuki Suzuki is the artist that gave us all 3 of those iconic songs and his instantly recognizable voice along with the Jazz-type music he makes goes so well with the series. The animations are also really good. Go and watch Chika’s ending theme from Season 1 to see just how fluid the animations are.

Summing up

Here’s why you should watch Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

  • Amazing character development
  • Funny as hell
  • Great character dynamics and interactions
  • Good animations and soundtracks

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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