Kaguya-sama Manga to End Soon?! New Anime Project?

Both of these pieces of news are technically unrelated and came out on different dates. But, rather than covering them individually, I decided to make a single article for both of them. So yes, you read right Kaguya-sama manga will be ending “soon” and yes, we do have a confirmed new anime project.

Of course, we are here to talk in detail about both of these pieces of news. Feel free to skip to the section you are more interested in. I will start off with the manga part of the news. And then, continue on to the anime part. It is good to have so much Kaguya-sama news after a banger of a season for sure. I don’t care what you say FMA stans, Kaguya-sama deserves the spot.

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What do we know about the Manga’s ending?

So the Kaguya-sama will be wrapping up in about 14 chapters from now. The 31st issue of the Weekly Young Jump announced this. To be fair, a lot of us saw this coming right? The manga had been swinging on full strength for a while now, so we kind of knew the end was near. Well anyhow, the manga is currently set to conclude on October 6th. That is if there are no delays of course. I don’t think we’ll see a delay but, you never know.

What do we know about the new anime project?

To be very honest, we don’t know jack sh*t about this new anime project. They were basically like “oh yeah, we are working on something, can’t tell you what yet :p”. An “anime project” can refer to a lot of things but we’ll have to wait and see. It is at least good to have confirmation that they are working on more Kaguya-sama stuff. I know a lot of y’all have been looking forward to the adaptation of a certain manga chapter. cough cough chapter 220 cough.

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Expectations, Speculation, and Copium

Expectations for the manga and the speculation and copium part for the anime part. Starting off with the manga, I am pretty sure my fellow manga readers can kind of already see what the eding will be. A romance series generally has a rather simple ending. That said though, this is still Kaguya-sama we are talking about. So I think there may still a twist or two up the author’s sleves. I am very much looking forward to it and I hope it doesn’t dissapoint us like a lot of other manga endings.

As for the anime, I am on copium for a lot of things. The manga drops down for a while after the episode 13 part happens. Don’t get me wrong, the downtime is fun in its own way; there’s a lot of character development for Kaguya and Shirogane there. But, it has no story importance so to speak. So I personally think they will end up covering all that part in a movie and then make the season 4 for the next important arc. Well, that is what I think atleat and I could be wrong. Of course, I wanna see that 220 adaptation too. wink wink.

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Well, that will be all for now. Let me know what you guys think about these pieces of news in the comments. Whatever it may be, I personally am always down for some Kaguya-sama so I am really excited. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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