Kaiju No. 8 Episode 5 was Fun! Mid-Season review!

Article at a glance:

  • Episodes 4 and 5 of Kaiju No. 8 deepen the plot significantly, introducing intelligent Kaiju and teasing future conflicts.
  • The dynamic between Kikoru and Kafka shines, while interactions among the cadets promise entertaining developments. Hoshina’s potential complexity is reminiscent of Gin Ichimaru from Bleach.
  • The anime continues to impress with stellar animation and overall production quality, enhancing the enjoyment of the series.

Kaiju No. 8 has been getting a lot of praise online lately and that is all for a good reason. Right off the bat, the anime gave us a relatable protagonist and then compounded that with awesome visuals and a cool setting. And with episode 4 and episode 5, the plot of Kaiju No. 8 has also become more interesting. So now the anime has that area covered as well. So it will be exciting to see how this anime season ends given all that.

But we are not here to talk about the end of the season just yet. We still have another 6-7 weeks left before that. We are here to talk about Kaiju No. 8 Episode 5 or more specifically, what I think about the series so far in general. So welcome to another mid-season review, you know what we are talking about. So let’s get started right away.

What do I think of Kaiju No. 8 Episode 5?

Before that, let’s talk about episode 4. Because Episode 4 has been the best episode this anime has put out so far. Not only was episode 4 filled with great character moments, like that short interaction between Kafka and Kikoru, but it also added a lot of depth to the plot. Episode 4 confirmed that there are multiple intelligent Kaiju and at least one of them is living among normal humans using shapeshifting. The payoff for this setup in the future is going to be immense.

Episode 5 was mostly a character-driven episode but I still enjoyed it. The highlight for me has to be the dynamic between Kikoru and Kafka. Whenever they are on screen together, you know something entertaining will happen. Kikoru also seems to have developed a bit of respect for Kafka which is nice to see. But most of this episode was spent learning about the other cadets and I can already tell the interactions between them are going to be entertaining as hell to watch. Kafka being older than everyone else also adds to the comedy of the whole situation.

Hoshina reminds me a lot of Gin Ichimaru from Bleach. Gin was an exceptionally well-written character if Hoshina is even half as interesting, his character will easily end up being among my favorites. I was about to say Mina needs more character depth but she will likely get that down the line. I mean she has to. She is such a focal point in the narrative and Kafka’s characters, that she has to get more depth eventually.

I don’t think I even need to mention just how cool the animations and the overall production quality of this show have been so far.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Kaiju No. 8 has been a lot of fun so far and I look forward to seeing more of it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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