Kanojo mo Kanojo, Anime Recommendation!

I know, I just spoke about this anime but I mean come on, it’s a great time to put this anime on the recommendation for the week. So I stumbled upon Kanojo mo Kanojo thanks to Muse Asia. I saw one of their thumbnails of this anime and I got… well, basically clickbaited into watching it. I am so glad that I actually watched this anime though. It was quite the ride and you better believe I was smiling all the way through.

So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series! This week we are talking about Kanojo mo Kanojo. I just covered its sequel news so I thought it’d be a great time to put it here. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s get started right away!

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Kanojo mo Kanojo is based on the rom-com manga of the same name by Hiroyuki. The manga started its serialization back in 2020 and recently shipped out its 12th volume. The anime is made by Tezuka Productions and aired in last year’s summer season. It is only one cour as of now with a 2nd season confirmed, which we talked about recently. Of course, you can watch this anime on YouTube thanks to the Muse network.

So what makes this anime good? I seriously have no clue. Kanojo mo Kanojo is one the most plain fun and infinitely rewatchable animes I’ve seen. The plot itself is just ri-damn-diculous. Be it the absurdity of the plot or the extremely straightforward nature of the MC, this anime has quite a bit going for it and never fails to provide entertainment.

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So a lot of people call it NTR but, it’s not technically NTR since no one is “cheating” here. Anyway, Kanojo mo Kanojo follows Naoya a guy who really loves his girlfriend and is very open about it. He gets confessed to by another girl and after seeing her sincerity, Naoya feels too bad to reject her. That said, he can’t break up with his current girl as well. So what does he do? He manages to convince both of them to have a three-relationship. All three of them start living together and the anime follows their daily life.

I told you, the plot was ridiculous. How do you even come up with this kind of stuff and then manage to make it feel so wholesome instead of cursed? The plot isn’t that deep but it serves well enough. Just shut your brain off and enjoy the comedy.

Saki Saki


Look, as much as I like Saki-chan, Naoya definitely is hard carrying Kanojo mo Kanojo. That is something I can’t really say about a lot of rom-com MCs because generally, the female cast carries a romantic anime. But here, Naoya’s straightforwardness and stupid levels of honesty serve as a great plot device for the series. Seeing him on-screen is really entertaining and I genuinely like this guy for his honesty.

Animations and Soundtracks

I really the art style of this anime. The animations themselves are on the OK side but it’s not that noticeable because the art style is so good. The art style really fits the comedy vibe of Kanojo mo Kanojo. The soundtracks are on the average side but the ending theme has really stuck with me for some reason.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend" Even If That Isn't the Right Way (TV Episode 2021) - IMDb

Why should you watch Kanojo mo Kanojo?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this anime:

  • Really entertaining
  • Great comedy
  • Good art style
  • literally available for free on YouTube


Well, that will be all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I really enjoyed Kanojo mo Kanojo, some people didn’t like this anime but it is very entertaining. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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