Kattobi Itto, Manga Recommendation!

Key takeways from Manga Recommendation – Katobbi Itto

  • Kattobi Itto is an entertaining and little-known manga that deserves more attention.
  • The manga has a simple yet hilarious plot, charming art style, and memorable characters.
  • If you’re looking for a fun and light-hearted read, Kattobi Itto is worth checking out.

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I can swear that 99% of the people reading this article haven’t ever even heard of this manga. And that is a really big shame as Kattobi Itto is entertaining to read. This manga is so little known that it doesn’t even have a single review on MAL lol.

I know MAL is not a fair metric in terms of manga as not many people use it for manga, I just mean that this anime deserves to see the light of day. So that is why I am doing this article; to introduce more people to this awesome manga!

So welcome back to another edition of our manga recommendation series! Today we will be talking about the awesome Kattobi Itto!

Kattobi Itto Vol.3 Ch.8.2 Page 5 - Mangago


Kattobi Itto is written and illustrated by Monma Motoki. It was serialized in the Monthly Shonen Jumo from 1986 to 1999. Of course, it does not have an anime adaptation or anything like that to speak of. It does have a direct sequel named Buttoki Itto though which is even more wild. It is 46 volumes or 165 chapters long. That is pretty long for monthly series but it is shonen, shonen mangas are always long.


As old shonens usually go, the plot is pretty simple. Itto holds a grudge against this guy called Yara as he scarred Itto during a fight. Because of family reasons, he has to travel with his father but 5 years later, Itto finally returns to Japan. And yep, he soon runs into Yara. Stuff goes down between them and Itto ends up joining Yara’s football team. And of course, they have matches against other high schools.

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After that is the pretty standard sports anime pattern. What makes Kattobi Itto stand out for me is the simplicity and the hilarity of its plot. You know since it is that old, there is a certain charm that comes with its simplicity. It is this charm that makes this manga worthwhile. And of course, the comedy in this manga is really awesome too. It is wacky af and I love it.


This manga has some really fun characters too. The character development isn’t very deep or anything but as I said, this manga keeps things simple and fun. The character interactions though, are really on point. The comedy I mentioned earlier comes from these awesome character interactions. The development of the relationship between Yara and Itto is really well-handled and well-paced too. The side characters are pretty memorable as well because of their quirkiness.

Kattobi Itto (Jindo - Đường dẫn đến khung thành)


It is an 80s manga so there is a certain art style that comes with that time period. I know a lot of modern fans may not like it but again, there is a certain charm in that simplicity. So I have no complaints about the art either. It is simple but it works well and matches and movements are pretty well illustrated in my opinion despite the simple art style.

Why should you read Kattobi Itto?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this manga:

  • Simple plot
  • Memorable characters
  • Good art
  • Simple dumb fun


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. This manga deserves way more attention than it gets. You’d be surprised by just how hard it is to put down after starting. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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