Land of the Lustrous Manga Will be ending Soon

Key points for Land of the Lustrous Final Chapter news:

  • After nearly 12 years of serialization, “Land of the Lustrous” is wrapping up with its 108th chapter, offering a natural and logical ending point for the story.
  • Haruko Ichikawa’s manga, despite experiencing hiatuses, has maintained high quality and popularity, leaving a lasting impact on readers as it heads towards its conclusion.

Well, here we are witnessing the end of another series I like. While I am sad to see Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous end, I think it is ending timely. And more importantly, it is ending in a rather “healthy” state. We all know how chaotic a manga ending can be. I know that a lot of things are going in the manga right now regarding the plot, but I still think this is a good time for an ending and the story can lead to a natural conclusion after this. Just another chapter to go and I am excited to see how this series ends.

So welcome to another news article. I usually don’t talk about mangas ending here on the website but this is one of the few mangas I was keeping up with. And so I would like to talk about it. The Land of the Lustrous manga will be ending soon and here is everything we know so far about the final chapter.

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What do we know about the Land of the Lustrous Final Chapter?

Haruko Ichikawa started working on this manga back in October 2012 and since then it has been serialized in the Afternoon magazine. And rather recently, the series also has had 2 hiatuses. One was almost 2 years long from December 2020 to June 2022 and a more recent one from October 2023 to February this year. But despite that, the series has remained relatively popular and has maintained a high quality.

Now, after nearly 12 years of serialization, the series will finally be concluding with the 108th chapter. This chapter will be released in the May 2024 issue of the Afternoon magazine on 25th April 2024. The 12 volume of the series was released all the way back in 2022. So I think it is reasonable to think that the 13th and final volume will be likely released later this year. But yeah, that is all we got for now. So let’s move on to

My Thoughts

I will be purposefully vague here because I don’t want to spoil things in a news article. But as I mentioned earlier, I do think that this is a logical point to end the story. Things have been building up for a while now. And even though I don’t have this issue, to some people things are becoming a little overwhelming and hard to keep track of. So again, it makes sense to follow the natural flow of the story and end with a decent climax. And while I have not watched the anime, I really do hope that the manga ending means that the anime will get a new season.

Because this series is truly underrated and deserves more attention. And a good anime adaptation can provide that exposure.

That is all for now!

Anyway though, that is all I got for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. I look forward to reading Chapter 108 of Land of the Lustrous. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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