Let’s talk about some good Zombie Anime!

Key takeaways from some awesome Zombie anime:

  • The article presents a mix of zombie anime, bending the genre’s definition to include shows like “Hellsing Ultimate” and “Gungrave,” offering variety beyond the typical zombie theme.
  • The recommended anime offer both intense action and entertainment, with highlights like “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” resembling “Attack on Titan” in tone and “Soul Eater” providing quirky characters and engaging action.
  • “Zombieland Saga” stands out for its unique blend of idols and zombies, creating a surprisingly enjoyable and meme-worthy series, showcasing the genre’s unexpected possibilities.

Someone recently asked me if there are any good Zombie anime out there after watching Zom 100. So I decided to make a list after such a long time. Yes, there are actually quite a few good anime from this genre. And a lot of them are relatively unknown.

I will bend the rules here a bit as to what exactly qualifies as a zombie but don’t worry, I will leave you off with 5 really good shows to watch by the end that will satisfy your craving. And aside from 1 pick, I tried to stay away from the mainstream as much as possible.

So here are my picks for the top 5 zombie anime you should check out.

Hellsing Ultimate

So slightly bending the definition of zombie here but the anime is mostly about fighting mindless monsters and looking as cool as possible so yeah, it should fit the bill. Alucard is one of the most badass MCs and seeing him fight is always a joy. I picked this anime purely because of my love for it even though it is relatively popular. I promise the rest 4 are not like this.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

This is a little more typical zombie anime. It takes place during the industrial revolution when a mysterious virus is taking over people. The rest of mankind takes refuge in highly fortified cities and this anime takes place in one of those cities, Hinomoto. It is very Attack on Titan-like in terms of its tone and presentation. Has a lot of good action to offer as well.


Bending the rules slightly again, we have Gungrave. Not exactly about zombies but the monsters featured in this show are pretty much zombies. Gungrave is pretty old so the plot doesn’t really hold up, but the action on offer is just top-tier. It is also made by your grand-daddy, Madhouse. And it was oldΒ Madhouse too so you know what kind of quality you will get from the animations.

Soul Eater

Here we are with the often overlooked shounen, Soul Eater. This show barely qualifies for the zombie category but the monsters are similar to zombies and the action in this show is really fun to watch. This combined with some quirky characters makes this show really entertaining to watch. You know, Although it doesn’t fit exactly within the genre we’re discussing, it is closely related and often overlooked, so I wanted to mention it.

Zombieland Saga

An idol anime with zombies? How do you even make that work? But this anime somehow pulled that impossible combo off and in the process created something infinitely memeable and fun to watch. We’ve all seen the memes from this series, go ahead and watch it, it is somehow even funnier than the short clips of the show the memes usually use.


That is all for now. Those were my picks for some cool zombie animes you should check out. Yes, I cheated a bit here and there but I promise, I gave you some really entertaining shows here. Let me know what you think in the comments below, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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