Love Live! Superstar!! Release Date Confirmed

Love Live! Superstar!! Release Date Confirmed

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I apologize that I was not able to cover this anime back when it was announced way back in last year’s January. I wasn’t even doing this work way back then. Anyhow, now that it has a confirmed release date, I decided that there’s no better time to make up for what I missed.

As for why an anime announced back in 2020 is finally releasing in 2021, I have no idea. Maybe it is because of the pandemic or maybe it has to something to do with the fact that they auditioned new voice actors for this anime.

I have not watched any of the Love Live anime, to be honest, but I have heard about them. They are about some girls becoming school idols. It has 5 anime including this one, 1 rhythm game, and a bunch of other merchandise.

Love Live was No 1 in top-selling media franchises in Japan for 2016 meaning it is rather famous. Well enough about the series. Let’s get started on the new anime.

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What do we know about Love Live Superstar?

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Love Live Superstar will be the 5th anime installment in the Love Live multimedia franchise. The franchisewas created by Yatate Hajime and Kimino Sakurako (nice name). It is co-produced by Kadokawa, Bandai Namco, and Sunrise studios.

Superstar was announced back in last year’s January and it had its auditions in March. It will have a similar plot to the previous entries were a bunch of girls aim to become school idols by singing self-written songs.

The anime series are not related to each other for the most part but it’d be better if you check them out in the release date order including the movies. The anime is set to air on 11th July 2021. I will watch the other Love Live animes so that I can watch Superstar too.

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I know Love Live animes are music-based animes. I like music hence, I like music-based anime. So there is a good chance I am going to enjoy these. Except for that, I am not sure what to expect from Superstar. I know they earn a significant portion of their revenue from audio DVDs so I know for a fact that the songs will be good. Since it is animated by Sunrise, pretty damn sure it will have really good animations too.

The franchise is co-produced by 3 big companies (only 2 technically) so even I don’t think the anime will be bad. So yeah, I am somewhat looking forward to it.

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Well, that is all I have for now. Let me know down in the comments what do you think of this new anime. You can check out Superstar’s teaser here. The teaser does look pretty damn good. Now I know I said you should check these out in the released order, I may be wrong since I have not watched it. If so, please correct me down in the comments.

As always stay tuned for more content and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. see ya!!


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