Lycoris Recoil, Anime Recommendation of the Week!

Key points for Anime Recommendation – Lycoris Recoil

  • Lycoris Recoil is praised as one of the best examples of Yuri done right, alongside Magical Revolution, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.
  • The series shines with well-developed characters, particularly the protagonist Chisato and her impact on Takina’s character growth. The character-driven narrative compensates for any flaws in the plot.
  • A1 Pictures delivers top-notch animations with attention to detail, complemented by an excellent soundtrack. The 13-episode anime offers a visually appealing and emotionally engaging experience.

I don’t know how many people were around back when this anime was airing. But if you search for some old articles on the website from back then, you’ll know how much I adore this anime. This is one of the best examples of Yuri done right. And it is up there with Magical Revolution as my favorite Yuri anime of all time. Yes, Lycoris Recoil did have kind of a lackluster ending but I love it regardless. This series holds a special place in my heart and I will tell you why.

So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series! This week we are talking about Lycoris Recoil. An anime that I hold dear and for good reasons. This anime is a must-watch regardless of if you are into Yuri or not. So let’s just get right into it!


Lycoris Recoil or LycoReco is an original anime by A1 Pictures. And honestly, it is some of their best work both when it comes to originals and when it comes to animations. They must’ve had quite a dedicated staff at that point. Either way, the anime came out in the summer season of 2022 and it is sadly just 13 episodes long. Oh, how I wish this was longer. But A1 Pictures does have a new LycoReco project in the works so that should scratch my itch whenever it comes out!


In LycoReco, an organization called Direct Atack or DA recruits and trains orphaned girls as killers to suppress terrorist attacks before they even happen. This program is called the Lycoris program. And of course, the public doesn’t know any of this. Thus creating the false image of a crime-free world. The plot revolves around the prodigy Lycoris, Nishikigi Chisato, and Inoue Takina who is placed under Chisato’s care by the DA after she disobeys orders in a hostage situation.

The series is driven more so by the characters and action than the plot itself. Yes, the plot is somewhat flawed but you won’t notice most of those flaws because of how good the pacing is. And of course, the strong characters and action will distract you from most of those flaws all the time. Still, the plot does well enough to serve as a backbone for all the great action and character moments.


Takina probably gets the most character development throughout the series. She is initially a rather cold and calculated individual but after spending time with Chisato and warming up to her, she realizes that following DA isn’t everything and there are a million different ways to help people. Chisato is my favorite, for good reason. Her obsession with not killing, even when she finds that she doesn’t have long to live is honestly praiseworthy. Her bright cheerful attitude and the way she deals with things also drive Takina’s character development.

I can’t go too deep here but the characters and their dynamics are the strength of this series. It even has a really good villain Majima.

Animations and Soundtracks

As I mentioned earlier, this anime has some amazing animations. Everything from the art style to character designs is on point. Even the city is well-designed. The attention to detail and the effort put into the animations are visible. The gun flashes during combat in dark areas are one of my favorite things in this anime. They’ve done those well. The soundtracks are awesome as well. The opening theme still makes me shed a tear whenever I listen to it LOL.

Summing up

Here’s why you should watch Lycoris Recoil:

  • Decent plot
  • Amazing characters
  • Pretty short, just 13 episodes
  • Amazing action scenes

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments! I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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