Manga Recommendation of the Week – Choujin X

Manga Recommendation of the Week – Choujin X

Another week, another manga, and I am back with something interesting this week too. Now I knew this manga existed for some time but, I was somewhat reluctant to read it. Now that I have read it, I love it and want more.

You have read the title, you know we are talking about Choujin X. Choujin X is written by one of my favorite mangakas, Ishida Sui. You know the same person who did Tokyo Ghoul. Before we get into further details; a quick reminder that this is a recommendation and not a review. Hence, I won’t be pointing out any negatives. So let’s get started.


So as I just mentioned, Choujin X is written and illustrated by Ishida Sui, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul. So far, Choujin X has only 8 chapters and it has an irregular publication. You can read for free on Shueisha’s Manga Plus website here. Offline, it is published in Shueisha’s Tonari no Jump.

The setting and the art are really reminiscent of Tokyo Ghoul. The overall tone of Choujin X is much lighter as compared to the heave af Tokyo Ghoul. The plot is quite a bit different and unique too. So it’s like Tokyo Ghoul but Choujin X is its completely own thing at the same time. it just has 8 chapters for now but, I think Choujin X has great potential.


Choujin X revolves around 2 friends, Tokio and Azuma. They like to fight off small thugs to injustice from happening. Even then, there are a few people they stay away from namely, the Choujin (Choujin literally means superhuman) who have power far beyond normal humans. One day, a thug the boys beat returns for revenge after becoming a Choujin. Tokio and Azuma aren’t able to run and have no choice but to take a drug that turns them into Choujin as well.

As I said, the setting is really similar to Tokyo Ghoul and yet it’s very different. The world and plot of Choujin X isn’t as chaotic and dark as Tokyo Ghoul. Aside from that, the dynamic and the relation between Tokio and Azuma is really well done and plays important role in the plot.


There aren’t a lot of characters in Choujin X as of now but, the two protagonists are really well done. They have their imperfection and they are not equal. This gives room for a lot of character development. Knowing Ishida-sensei, he will pull it off beautifully. The interactions between Tokio and Azuma are always entertaining.


Art is exactly what you would expect from a veteran mangaka. The art is just beautiful. Once again, it is really reminiscent of the later portion of Tokyo Ghoul: re art, and yet you know, it’s somehow different. Everything is so well detailed. I really love the art of Choujin X.

Why you should check out Choujin X?

Here are a few quick pointers on why you should check out this manga

  • It’s by Ishida-sensei (yes, that is a plus for me and a lot of others too)
  • Interesting plot
  • Great world building
  • Good Protagonists
  • Beautiful art


That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and drop any and all manga recommendations you have for me. Stay tuned for more articles, I have an interesting review coming up. With that said, I will take my leave here.

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