Mappa Announced New Original Anime – Bucchigiri

Key takeaways from Bucchigiri news:

  • Mappa, a renowned anime studio, has announced an original anime called “Bucchigiri,” written by Hiroshi Utsumi and Taku Kishimoto, with Hiroko Utsumi as the director. The plot involves two friends fighting a shadow colossal beast.
  • “Bucchigiri” is scheduled for release in January 2024, during the Winter 2024 season. A promotional video has been released, showcasing a unique art style reminiscent of JoJo and Tokyo Revengers.
  • Concerns are raised about Mappa’s busy schedule and the potential strain on their employees, as they have at least one anime in every season this year. However, the article expresses excitement about the fresh aesthetic direction of “Bucchigiri.”

I really don’t think Mappa needs any introduction at this point. It is one of the most famous studios in the business for various reasons. While they usually provide high-quality adaptations, they are often criticized for doing too much and overworking their employees. We are not here to talk about all that today though.

Mappa recently announced a new original anime called Bucchigiri. Original anime means that it has no source material and will be made by Mappa from scratch. It has some pretty interesting stuff going for it.

So welcome back to another news article and let’s look at everything we know about Bucchigiri so far.

What do we know about Bucchigiri?

Well first off, the anime will be written by Hiroshi Utsumi and Taku Kishimoto. Both are experienced people who have worked on stuff like Banana Fish and Ranking of Kings, respectively. Hiroko Ustumi himself will direct it. From the introduction we got, it looks like the plot will be about two friends fighting some kind of a shadow colossal beast. Just using those three words reminds me of a certain game lol.

Anyhow, the anime is scheduled for January 2024, which is the Winter 2024 season. Of course, we don’t have exact dates yet but I don’t expect to see a final release date on an initial announcement anyway. For now, though, we did get a pretty cool PV, which you can check out right here. No cast members were announced just yet but I expect to see that update soon enough too.

My Thoughts

The first thing about Bucchigiri that made me interested was the art style. It was only after seeing the PV I noticed Mappa’s name on it. This is very different from the type of stuff Mappa do. They usually prefer ‘realistic’ animations over stylized art like this, Look at their other original anime, Terror in Resonance for comparison. And to be honest, I really dig this aesthetic. It looks like a blend of JoJo and Tokyo Revengers art and I love it.

And of course, Mappa being Mappa, they put it right at the beginning of the next year. Why is that a problem? Well, they have at least one anime in every season of this year. And yet, they scheduled an original anime right at the beginning of the next year. Let your employees have some rest, guys. You know what? I’ve done plenty of Mappa rants in the past, I am not diving into another one.


That is all for now though. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Bucchigiri looks to be really interesting. I really am digging this art style so I look forward to it. With that aid, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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