Mappa New Original Anime Coming Soon!

Mappa New Original Anime Coming Soon!

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So this original anime by Mappa called Re-main was announced a while back by Bandai Namco arts. This anime is a collaboration between screenwriter Nishida Masafumi, Bandai Namco Arts, and Mappa. People often say that Mappa is overworking their employees but, that is not the case as they have a large number of employees and multiple teams to work on different projects.

I love how Mappa just keeps on dishing out amazing anime. They have 2 very important projects coming up really soon. These projects being Attack on Titan Final Season and Chainsaw man. It is still amazing how they still manage to deliver minor anime like these while working on major projects. Speaking of which, let us get started.

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What do we know about Re-main?

Re-main was announced back in March and its cast and theme song were announced a few days ago.Β  Believe it or not, a k-pop group will perform Re-main’s opening. Re-main is a sports anime and is about Water Polo. Re-main is set to air from 4th July.

As for the plot, it has a simple plot like a sports anime should. It is about a guy who quit water polo because of an accident. He gives a try to water polo once again in high school because of a promise. A plain and simpleplot. Not complaining at all. Sports anime do not need a complex plot to be good.

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Giving out expectations for an original anime is really tough. I love the fact that they chose a minor sport like water polo for this anime. The opening should be good as it is given by ENHYPHEN. What makes a sports anime good is the hype. So how good the anime will depend a lot on how well they manage to utilize the hype.

The screenwriter of the anime, Nishida Masafumiis well known for Tiger and Bunny. So the screenplay of the anime should be really good. Speaking of which, the animations shouldn’t even be a concern. I mean common guys; it is Mappa we are talking about here. Do you think they are even capable of making bad animations?

You can check out the Teaser PV here. The PV looks really cool and I kindawanna watch it because of the PV. All in all, though, I think this will be a hit-or-miss type of anime. I will definitely give it a chance and there is a good chance that this anime will turn out to be really good. I really hope it turns out to be good though.

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So that is all I have for now. I will definitely give this anime a try. My expectations for this anime aren’t too high for this anime but as I said, it may turn out to be really good. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. seeya!!


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