Mashle – First Impressions

Key takeaways from Mashle First Impressions

  1. Mashle is an anime that has surpassed the author’s expectations in terms of entertainment value.
  2. The main character, Mash, stands out due to his unique approach to problem-solving, using brute force instead of magic.
  3. The anime has impressive animation and soundtrack, but more world-building would add depth to the show.

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The spring season of 2023 is here and we really have some awesome anime to watch this season. Most of them are pretty much as I expected them to be. This anime in particular though really surprised me. I really didn’t expect it to be as good as it has turned out to be. Mashle is really entertaining, much more than I initially expected it to be.

So welcome back to another edition of my first impressions articles. Today I will be talking about the awesome Mashle. And I really dig this anime. It is hilarious and the plot itself is kinda funny as well. I am really curious to see how this anime turns out moving forward. So let’s get started!

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What do I think about Mashle?

So think of Mashle like Harry Potter but, there is a guy who cannot use magic at all. Still, he decides to enroll in Hogwarts and wants to become the Minister of Magic. Sorry for that weird Harry Potter analogy but that gives a general idea of what to expect from this anime. And yes, it is every bit as hilarious as it sounds on the tin.

This guy, Mash Burndead, literally does not give a shit about magic. He literally brute forces his way through all his problems. He is the kind of guy to deal with his problems by Punchin them in the face. Quite literally. And this really makes up for an entertaining watch and leads to some interesting situations in the plot. So far, 2 episodes of this series have aired and not a single one of them was dull. From Mash’s cream puff addiction to him literally shattering the wands of people he does not like. It is really entertaining.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Episode 2 Release Date and Time

The art style and animations are pretty good as well. Special shout-out to the OSTs though, I love the hip-hop style BGMs they picked for this show and the opening theme is a banger as well. It goes hard as hell. The ending theme is really funny too as it is literally a tribute to Mash’s cream puff addiction. Yeah, it is a song dedicated to cream puffs lol. This show could be really good if they include a little more world-building in it. That is one thing I really hope this show touches on more in the future.


That is all for now. Mashle turned out to be way more entertaining than I expected it to be. I really want to see more of this anime and am curious how this will turn up at the end. So yeah, let me know what you guys think in the comments below. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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