MF Ghost Anime, I Have Mixed Feelings About This

Key points for MF Ghost Anime mid-season review

  • The MF Ghost anime delivers exciting and diverse races that capture the same level of hype as Initial D, making them a highlight of the show.
  • Outside of the races, the anime struggles with character development, with the characters feeling shallow and lacking the charm that made Initial D special.
  • Despite the character writing issues, the overall enjoyment of the anime, especially during the races, leads to a mixed review with a score of 7/10.

I’ll be honest, I had higher expectations of this show when I learned it was from the same author as Initial D. And the story of MF Ghost anime kind of acts as a sequel to Initial D. Does that mean I hate MFG, no, just that I expected more from it.

The races and all have been good fun, so far. It is outside of the races where this anime suffers in my opinion. I will talk about that in more detail in just a bit.

So welcome back to another one of my mid-season reviews. The first article after the website has been updated, so this should be fun. And we are talking about the MF Ghost Anime. Let’s start.

What do I think of MF Ghost anime so far?

Let’s start with the positives first. Because these will give a good context for the negatives I am going to list. You’re here for the racing and the races themselves so far have been really good. They are very different kind of races from Initial D but they still have the same hype and they deliver for the most part. You pretty much forget about all the negatives of this anime as soon as the races get going. And a few Initial D characters popping here and there make it even better.

Outside of races though, the show can go from a serviceable slice of life to sometimes being downright annoying. I know that Initial D wasn’t perfect but it gave you characters to care about and it had a certain charm in those simple characters. MFG follows similar principles but so far hasn’t really given me a reason to care about the characters. I don’t know why but the characters in this anime feel very shallow and lack the charm that made Initial D special.

But as I was saying though, the moment the racing starts, these problems go out of the window. The races are still such a thrill to watch. The anime also does a great job of recreating the art style of the manga when it comes to how they draw cars in motion. The only thing I miss is the awesome Eurobeat soundtrack of Initial D but other than that the production of this anime overall is petty solid.

That is all for now!

As I said, I have mixed feelings about the MFG anime. On one hand, it is this amazing racing anime with beautifully drawn cars and thrilling races. On the other hand, it is a mess when it comes to character writing. I think for now, I will give it a 7/10 purely because of how much I am enjoying it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments though. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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