MF Ghost, First Impressions!

Key points for MF Ghost First Impressions:

  • I’m thrilled that they brought back the original voice actors for characters from Initial D. Hearing Tkehito Koyasu’s voice again gave me that nostalgic feeling, recapturing the excitement of the original series.
  • In just three episodes, I felt the anticipation and excitement akin to Initial D. MF Ghost delivers on the promise of a thrilling racing experience, mirroring the hype of its predecessor.
  • While appreciating the well-drawn cars and intense racing, I have reservations about the character designs and the absence of Eurobeat music. These aspects leave room for improvement, and I hope to see changes as the series progresses.

After reading the manga for a while, I hadΒ to check out what the anime adaptation was cooking up. The first episode of the anime dropped right around the time I wrote the manga recommendation of the week article for MF Ghost. A few weeks later, and I absolutely love the anime so far.

This anime is such a fan service for all of us Initial D fans as MFG served as a sequel to Initial D. If you haven’t watched Initial D though, 1) you are missing out and 2) don’t worry, MFG’s story is mostly independent of Initial D except for some reappearing characters.

So well, let’s get into more details about MF Ghost and my thoughts on it. So welcome back to another first impressions article for the fall season, you know what we are talking about today so let’s start.

What do I think of MF Ghost anime so far?

First and foremost man, I am so glad that they brought back all the classic voice actors for the reappearing characters from Initial D. One of my biggest complaints about the Initial D Legends movie was that they didn’t use the original voice actors and that really threw me off.

That said, I missed this anticipation of every single turn and corner, not knowing who would win and what would happen. Just these three episodes were enough to give me that feeling back even though they didn’t really have much. The moment they showed Ryosuke and I heard Tkehito Koyasu’s voice again, I fell off my chair LOL. The story seems kind of interesting so far and yes, it does get better later on as well. As I said man, this anime gave me exactly what I was looking for: the Initial D-like hype and thrill. And I love it.

Now there are some negatives I’d like to point out as well. So far, the characters are kind of lackluster; I am sure they will get better over time though so that isn’t an issue. What really bugs me is Kanata’s speech pattern. He is half-English half-Japanese, I get that and because of that, he speaks Japanese with a few English words thrown into every sentence, It is funny at first but by the end of the 3rd episode it starts to feel annoying. Of course, in the manga, this wasn’t an issue.

An issue that does persist from the manga though is the character design. You see all these cool, well-drawn, and well-animated cars and then you look at the character designs… yeah, it is night and day. ALSO, NO EUROBEAT!! WHY DID YOU NERF THE MUSIC AGAIN??

That is all for now!

So MF Ghost is another fun outing by the author of Initial D, and the studio is doing a great job of adapting it. Despite my few minor complaints, the story and the racing look pretty solid so far so it is an easy 7/10 from me as of now. Let me know what you think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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